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I discovered this band at the Wake of Winter festival. CEREBRAL DESECRATION is from the city of San Marcos in Texas and you guys should check the mix of Thrash and Death metal they practice. "Further Than the Bottom" is the quintet's second album and they released it in 2020. David Machado, guitarist, gave us an extensive interview and here we put it to your consideration.

Let’s start this conversation by talking about “Further than the Bottom”. It was released when the Pandemic started. How has it been the turnout so far? Does Texas know about it? “… “Further than the Bottom” was released May 2020 right in the heart of the pandemic and surely not by choice! We had already scheduled to release in May and decided even with Covid-19’s quarantine to not hold her back. The album took on the new norm of the now social media release which isn’t the way we normally would have liked it, self-promotion, live shows, doing the footwork so it can get its true recognition that’s where it is for us! CEREBRAL DESECRATION strives for the on stage to show the true heart of our brotherhood with the live music so this one lacked that true exposure. Even with this style release the album has gotten pretty much all its recognition by these platforms within and outside of Texas. Once certain individuals got that Album Stream/CD/Digital Download it basically got us a new found CËRËBRO’s following that reached out for Podcasts Interviews, Phone Interviews, One on Ones, Skype with the entire band and we thank all for reaching out/supporting our vision. It was the new to some of us and we just accepted it and thank all that hit us up! We’ve gotten great Texas exposure and truly we’ve gotten exposure all over the world with this one. Extremely blessed! ...”


I believe there should be an interesting message behind the last album title. Can you share it? What topics go to your mind when you are about to write lyrics for an album? “… “Further than the Bottom” represents in a lot of ways "hitting rock bottom" in different aspects of life. All the songs focus around some kind of degradation of self or society. For example, the title track was personally written about our own personal hells we all go through and somehow have to find the strength to grow and to persevere past that dark moment. Another example, "Obstructed" is about the degradation of information. How what we are shown and what the reality is are two different sides to the same coin. Our vision, our knowledge, our focus has all become obstructed from the real picture of what matters, humanity and the growth within. The album is a synapsis of different outlooks and how we reflect upon those with anger, resentment, fear, and loss…”


I want metalheads to turn their eyes to San Marcos, TX, as a place where metal dwells. What’s the arsenal beneath those cold remains? “… San Marcos has some of Texas best musicians, the bands that are there all have their uniqueness to their meanings and unfortunately because of no true venue to showcase any of us within the city limits, we have to travel to even exist. Sitting in the middle of San Antonio/Austin we all venture out because of the closing of the few venues we had up to a few years ago! So now we are trying to promote a new venue Ragnar’s On the Compound whom unfortunately even being out in the country has to deal with neighbors complaining to enforce the noise ordinance! That itself is damn shame because that venue could be the one Inside/Outside Stage and even out in the hill country of SMTX it’s a bummer having to deal with city issues. SMTX 78666 has every genre of music from bands there that cannot wait for a venue to platform the bands. Till then you’ll just have to catch a show so your able to witness any of this…And trust us they all kick Azz! ...”


I came across with this statement on My Rock shows website: “…Cerebral has since taken many strides into pounding their name amongst all the phenomenal Texas Metal bands…”. What have been the main obstacles or challenges along the way? “… As stated before being based in SMTX with no venues to showcase all bands, having to travel outside the city limits to perform we are all basically restricted to venturing outside the 78666! As unfortunate as that is every band there is known in their own way, we also share their music as they do ours and anytime CËRËBRÖ666 has a show there we always reach out to all our local brothers! We leave it to them to join in or not and we make the best with any band that wants to shred alongside us! We’re telling you homie, venture into the 78666 you’ll catch up with OVERTHROW, FLESH HOARDER, ATHANATOS, WARHEAD WREX, INDISGUST, STABBING, KILLING RITUAL, HÍJO DE PÜTÄ, Lil Boodang and a whole lot more. That’s just a few! We all support each other and to the ones that don’t or choose not to. Haterz Gonna Hate, we show love even when we don’t get it in return that’s what San Marcos is all about! …”


Back when you started in 2010, did you ever thought you will open for great acts like SEPULTURA, CROWBAR, SUFFOCATION, SIX FEET UNDER or ANTHRAX, just to mention a few ones? What did it mean as a band and in a personal level? “… We’ve been blessed for sure. Anthony Stevenson, Jennifer Holt, the local Metal Mark, Kassie Green, Leigh Ann Stewart, The Dirty Dawg, Empire and all the Promoters/Promotions! What they’ve given us with all these opportunities any band dreams of: DEATH DTA, CROWBAR, HATEBREED, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, NILE, DEICIDE, SOULFLY, HAVOK, DEFILED CRYPT, WHITECHAPEL, SUPERJOINT RITUAL, and CATTLE DECAPITATION! Brother, that’s just “the memorable” in itself as it is for each of our CËRËBRO’z! Honestly, I believe Collyn, the drummer stated it best: “seeing ANTHRAX growing up, meeting them for my first metal show, then to open for them. Now, that’s a perfect circle moment!” I still get chills thinking about it homie! Blessed……


Tell us a little bit about Wake of Winter Fest? Is it an event you are planning to continue at Ragnar’s? By the way, we enjoyed that venue a lot. Is that San Marcos metal headquarter? “… WÄKË ÖF WÏNTËRFËST 2021 was EPÏC in all eyes! San Marcos has had some damn good ones in the past but to make this the inaugural for this event Ragnar’s was the only place in the 78666 to bring it to fruition! All sponsored we got (18) bands to play for free, donating their times and all other expenses were sponsor funded and it was worth it! COLD 26* when HELSTAR ended the night damn it bro was it worth it! All proceeds went to different local nonprofit organizations! Moving forward will it stay there I cannot say yes at this time due to the Noise Ordinance Issues, etc this event needs a platform that cannot be restricted from allowing bands to showcase their visions. We are working diligently on WOW 2022 gathering local sponsors and also in talks with certain icons whom call the 78666 there home in making the next bigger! In order for this to reach the magnitude it deserves we must not set any boundaries! Eminent Proclivity Analaura and myself Deranged Promotions plan on this to be annually for the area, making it one of SMTX 78666’s Epic Event for All Bands/Genres of music. It’s unfortunate as I’ve stated before that San Marcos has no venues for bands in the scene to be able to showcase themselves anymore! Hopefully that all changes… #nuffsaid #staytuned …”


What’s the band doing nowadays? Any short or long term plans to share. “… CËRËBRÖ666 has gone into fourth album mode meaning you won’t see us for a couple of months as we continue the writing process to come out with a new arsenal. We have two confirmed shows and are in talks with other promising steps in the right direction. Long Term! That being said please just keep a ear out, your start hearing the chatter soon enough! Truly stay tuned…”


“Further than the Bottom” was a step up in the band’s trajectory. We can’t wait to listen to what’s coming next. Thanks brother, see you at next show. “… Any final comments for the fans and readers… Thank you to each and every one that has supported our dreams since day one. Our families, our friends, all the bands/fans you are the reasoning behind our ten years of still going strong! Stay tuned is all we have to say. CEREBRAL DESECRATION: Kobey Lange (vocalist), David Machado (guitarist), Daniel Ortiz (guitarist), Joe Muniz (bassist) and Collyn Rios (drummer).  READ MORE...

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