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CHEESE GRATER MASTURBATION is one of the bands involved in the Texas Beatdown Massacre tour., a short run headlined by PYREXIA and IMMORTAL SUFFERING. This tour will kick off tomorrow in San Antonio, on Saturday they will perform at Concert Pub north in Houston and Corpus Christi will be the Sunday destination. Hellbound Jeff, one of the vocalists, answered our questionnaire, went deep and walked us through the band’s career. See you guys at the show!


What are some unforgettable moments that have made CHEESE GRATER MASTURBATION a fully worthy experience over these ten years? “… Honestly, I think it's just the music and the tightness that we have when playing. And just a lot of energy on stage…”


Are you guys ready to tour with PYREXIA and IMMORTAL SUFFERING? How did this run come to exist? “… We are definitely ready! We practice a lot. Serena really deserves a lot of the credit for getting us on this tour. She did send in quite a few different bands, and I guess they really liked our sound, because they picked us. Grateful to them and Serena…”


How was that very same moment in which you guys named the band CHEESE GRATER MASTURBATION? Any censorship related story worth sharing? “… Haha. My old bass player from my band, IMPERIAL MASSACRE, was hanging out and we were just jamming for fun, and I said I want to start a Grindcore band. And he just yelled out Cheese Grater Masturbation! I laughed my ass off and said that's perfect…! 

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Are you guys excited to perform in any city in particular? How'd you describe a local show with the band in it? “… We have played in a lot of different cities and states. Las Vegas Deathfest was really great! We had a great response from the crowd. We toured Southern California, played Foothills Gut Fest in Colorado, Full Terror Assault Fest in Illinois, Building Temples from Death Fest in Houston, Field of Death fest in Arkansas and others. We always had a great response from every crowd we played for. I think our main thing that people like about us is our music and the tightness of the band...”


What can we expect in terms of songs and setlist for this tour? “… We are playing songs off of our last CD Goremet Human Buffet, and a few new songs that will be on our new album Planet of Dead Things…” 


Why has the band only recorded one album in ten years? “… We actually have two, Naked and Afraid which have six songs and then Goremet Human Buffet. But the reason for few and far between CDs is because of lineup changes. I guess people just weren't serious and liked to jump from band to band. But the lineup we have now is just perfect and we've had a good run with this group. We were actually going to record a few months ago and my drummer quit on the first day of recording out of the blue. So now, we have Dennis the Colonel Sanders who used to be in EXULCERATE, MORTALITY and is currently in HOLY HELL and what he used to have as a solo project, UNNECESSARY SURGERY. But UNNECESSARY BRUTALITY is a full band now. So besides Dennis, the rest of the guys have been in the band for a nice long while now. And after this tour we will be working hard to get the recording out…”

What will be some words for those who are planning to attend the Texas Beatdown Massacre tour? “… Well, everybody knows how brutal PYREXIA is, IMMORTAL SUFFERING is just an amazing band. I had the pleasure of seeing them at the last Chicago Domination Fest a few months ago. As for CxGxMx, for those who haven't heard us I think will be pleasantly surprised! I think it's going to be a really brutal kick ass few shows…!


What are some plans the band has for the future and address the band's diehards. “…Well, we will be having our new album come out soon which will be on vinyl, CD, and cassette. And for the diehards, which I know a lot of, thank you so much for all the support you've given us for the past ten years! You guys rule! And huge thanks to my guys for staying down and being professional and not just jamming for a bit and then moving on...” Hellbound Jeff (low vocals), Nick (high vocals and guitar), Alfred Brutalfred (guitar), J.R. Rodriguez (bass) and Dennis the colonel Sanders (drums) …”

By Alex Sanchez

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