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The Brazilian trio CLAUSTROFOBIA was about to record their most recent album when we asked them to dialogue. Marcus D’Angelo (guitar and vocal) decided to finish recording to give you more details about the entire recording process. Enjoy this preview of what the new album will be.

By the time you sit down to answer the interview, you should have finished recording the most recent album. Did you guys make fair use of the time in the studio? Are you satisfied? "…First of all, thank you for the opportunity to do this interview; it means a lot. Yes, we have finished all the recording sessions, and we are currently mixing the tracks. We are delighted with the results. We knew the songs' potential, and we needed a professional producer who was accessible in this pandemic moment to record everything in the best possible way. It was the best recording environment ever for the band…"


Upon entering the studio, did you already have the songs composed (music and lyrics beforehand, or did you develop them as you recorded them? "… We already had some "sketches" of these songs and lyrics, but we started working on them in 2018, but the more demanding work was during the pandemic state when we finished everything. We did two pre-productions before we officially get in the studio…"


Did you record in Brazil? How was selecting the studio and the person in charge of giving and shaping the album's sound? "…We recorded it in Los Angeles, CA, with the production of renowned Brazilian producer Adair Daufembach. The drums sessions took place in his studio in partnership with Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, Soilwork). We already knew Adair's work, and he is in Los Angeles now. We would like to have a Brazilian producer on this album because he would know the true meaning of the band's struggle to come from the third world to face the reality of living on art. So, that certainly reflected a lot in the fury and emotion of these songs. We were all in the right place at the right time. It is strange to say this, but the pandemic was essential for the birth of this album. It was all very inspiring…"


How about the artwork? Is there someone specific working on that, or is the record company handling it? "… READ MORE...

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