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How long has FUNERAL FOR A CLOWN been active in the scene and why did you guys decide to dissolve the band? “… FFAC was founded in 2005 and has been active since then, playing all over the US. We won 1st place in the Cocaine Energy Drink Band contest which awarded the chance to record at Temple Studios in LA owned by Raymond Herrera (former member of FEAR FACTORY and ARKAEA) and B-Real from CYPRESS HILL. After that, the band continued to write new songs and played many shows sharing the stage with other bands from FL, gaining more attention from opening for OTEP in 2012 and ORGY in 2013.

After a period of inconsistent lineups, in 2015 the band finally reached stability with the arrival of Indi Labanino (ex-THE CHAOS NETHER SILENCE and HIPNOSIS) on the keyboards, Alain Candia (Ex-HIPNOSIS & SUFFERING TOOL) on the drums, and for a brief time Justin Truscello on the bass. Since then, the band experienced a change of direction as a result of new influences being introduced, and the new songs started to sound more aggressive and darker. The new lineup continued to perform live in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Port Charlotte, Sanford, etc. In February 2016 we got the opportunity to open for DECAPITATED at the State Theater in Tampa, after that, we had to stop playing live for different reasons, but we all have remained together as a family, working on new music and evolving into what today is COUNCIL OF NIHIL.

The reason behind the decision to retire FFAC is based on logic. We need to stay coherent with our music. As a result of new concepts, style of music, and the band's image, FFAC simply wasn't compatible anymore. It will always remain part of our lives, and we will always treasure the music and memories we created together, but this is a new beginning for us…”


Does COUNCIL OF NIHIL still have some musical approaches from FFAC or is it a totally new concept behind the new band? “…COUNCIL OF NIHIL is a new beast that feeds off all our past experiences, of course, FFAC was part of it and maybe old followers can pick up some hints here and there, but definitely it's something completely new in terms of composition, layers, production, and approach. After being so close for many years, we've reached a level of maturity and trust in each other that, makes every process easier and more enjoyable for all…”


What about the lineup? Are the same or new members were added? “… It’s exactly the same as the FFAC's lineup since 2015, we haven't added any new members since. COUNCIL OF NIHIL is Noly Echeverria (ex-EGGUN & PESADILLA) on vocals, Aljadys Pruna (ex-TEUFEL) on guitar and backing vocals, Indi Labanino (ex-THE CHAOS NETHER SILENCE & HIPNOSIS) on Keyboards and backing vocals and Alain Candia (ex-HIPNOSIS & SUFFERING TOOL) on drums.


What’s the band cooking these days? What do you have in mind for what’s coming ahead? “… These days we're writing, recording, producing, mixing, mastering new material, and planning the new releases. We're close to releasing a new single and a video while we keep working on other aspects of putting together a great show once we start playing live again. We have tons of work ahead of us but at the same time we're excited and 100% committed to this venture, we owe it to ourselves and the fans that have waited so long for us. We're back!...”


Is there’s anything else you’d like to add for the followers and our readers? “…Our message to the fans that used to follow FFAC's music and live performances is one of gratitude for the support over the times and that we will not disappoint them. We know you'll embrace COUNCIL OF NIHIL's music with full force as we all have. To the new fans out there, we know you exist and we're coming for you!

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