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The now Swedish trio ELEINE continues to promote "Dancing in Hell". This is a very well-crafted symphonic metal record. Their charismatic vocalist Madeleine Liljestam is enormously proud of the legion of fans that supports the band, even in these years without shows due to the pandemic.

Thanks for agreeing to answer these questions How has the band handle the pandemic years? “… We’ve been fighting our way through it. No gigs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t have any job to do. We’ve been staying busy the entire time. First, we had already scheduled the release of our third album Dancing in Hell for November 2020. No one knew if touring would be possible by then when all this hell broke loose, so we decided to release the album as planned anyway. Instead, we added 2 singles and in total it turned out to be 4 singles with 4 music videos. We had the time and wanted to give our fans something to look forward to the entire time – and they did! We are very proud of this album becoming the most successful release by ELEINE despite no gigs and no tours to promote it with – it really proves that the ELEINE legion is very dedicated and strong. Since the release, we’ve continued our work with our Patreon; Rikard and I have started to stream on Twitch every week performing live (and more!), writing music etc. The schedule has been terribly busy and will continue to be now when the world is opening up step by step…”


Are you devoting yourselves to promoting the 2020 Dancing in Hell record, or are you writing new music nowadays? “… We’re devoting ourselves 100% to ELEINE the entire time. That means that we are of course continuing to spread the word about Dancing in Hell, and along with the announcement of signing a new deal with the new mighty label Atomic Fire, we also announced that we’re making a spin-off EP this year…”


What is more important for the band: to dance in Hell or to serve in Heaven? “… Dance in hell – because that is real. Dancing In Hell paints the situation of whatever your struggle may be; it’s your own personal hell. You have to dance around the flames and tame them, smile your way through – and you will get out on the other side stronger than ever, with an entire ELEINE Legion by your side…”


I am seeing three members in the new pictures. How’s the lineup holding up, and what’s the status for promoting the music on stage? “… That’s correct. The core of Eleine is Rikard, me, and our drummer, Jesper. Jesper joined the band in 2018 and has proven himself to be a loyal and dedicated guy. A true friend, hardworking, and one hell of a drummer. We are immensely proud of him. Until further notice, we will continue with the live session bass player and guitarist we have at the moment, and only the future will tell what’s happening with that part of the line-up…”


The band was very happy and proud to announce being signed by Atomic Fire. How did it happen? What does it mean for the band? “… I’ve been in touch with Markus Wosgien pretty much since after we played at Sabaton Open Air 2018. He loved the band, which was a huge compliment looking at his fantastic CV, but it was not only that. Our personal relationship grew stronger after I lost my dog and best friend in early 2019. Markus had been through the same pain and loss, and many messages later I felt that Markus is a genuinely kind guy and has the same values in life as us. So, all of that combined with him wanting to work with us as a band felt right. When these guys started Atomic Fire, we were already dealing with other major labels, and in the end, we just went for the gut feeling like we always do. We have a strong belief in the future ahead of us and we are eager to start working with this…”


Madeleine, you are a strong and beautiful presence on stage. When it comes to women in metal, is there a dividing line between being feminine and, at the same time, a powerful metal goddess on stage? “… Thank you very much! I appreciate that. About your question, there’s no dividing line. A strong powerful woman to me can equal feminine…”


How was that experience of joining forces with Symphonic mastermind Veland Mortem and putting a song together for MORTEMIA? “… It was great! Morten is such a great guy and I instantly fell in love with the song, so it was an honor to be a part of it. I love Morten's old-school growl and vibe to the track…”


What are your plans for touring this year? Will you be hitting the US? “…Tours are being planned as we speak, and we are doing everything we can to be able to come to the US. It’s something we really want, and we know our US fan base is strong…”


Best wishes for 2022. Any last comments for our readers and your fans? “… Thank you very much and same to you! We deeply appreciate all our fans, and we love to stay as much as possible in touch with them. If you want to get closer to ELEINE and get access to tons of insights and behind the scenes in the work we do, I highly recommend you join our Patreon. That way you support the band directly and get access to crazy amounts of exclusive content from the lowest tier which is 3$/month. You also get access to an exclusive discord server with many hard-core ELEINE fans that are some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. To us, the fans are everything. We gain power from our ELEINE Legion, and that way we can also give power back. All social media links, Patreon, Twitch, etc. can be found at:  READ MORE...





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