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After the first EP's release, the band FROZEN SOUL, based in Dallas, TX, was signed by Century Media. Their musical path is directed towards primitive Death metal, the old school type. Chad Green, the vocalist, in a laconic way, takes us on a quick tour through the cold band's scenario.

Thank you very much for accepting this interview. We believe that sometimes local support greatly influences the development of bands. How has the local Dallas scene embraced the EP "Encased in Ice" initially and then the debut album? "…Thanks for having us. Our local scene helped us a lot. Not just the metal scene but also the hardcore and punk scene. Before Covid, it was flourishing there's bands like DEVOURMENT, KOMBAT, IMPERIAL SLAUGHTER, OZONE, CHARACTER ASSASSIN, and CREEPING DEATH putting on for us…"


Does the constant denial of the arid climate where you live feed you to be colder temperature lovers? Although with FROZEN SOUL, I am more moved by a transition towards the coldest in human beings rather than any weather's longing. "… All of our music is about the cold within or how to deal with people's cold nature. The cold look and feel are just fun, so we roll with it…"


Millions of people were without power and water during the most recent winter storm that hit Texas for nearly a week. How was it to you? Did it meet your expectations? Did you take advantage of the snow to film some ideas now that you had the perfect landscape? "…it was rough, and some of us went without power, but only for a short time, we got lucky. And yes, we braved the cold and got some promo pics, haha…" READ MORE...

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