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GOLGOTHA is an icon within the Spanish scene. Their album "Melancholy" from 1995 is a masterpiece that still echoes in my brain. The music is a combination of Doom with Death metal. Their latest offer "Remembering the Past, Writing the Future" has just been released under the Xtreme Music label. Vicente J, guitarist and founder, explains more about the band's resurrection.

Mallorca is an island, and I imagine that its main economic activity is oriented towards tourism. How does metal coexist with folk music styles, which I guess tourists are looking for? How about the impact of Covid on the island? "… Hello, the truth is that metal and tourism hardly mix. Tourism goes about its own business and is in the most touristic places on the island, and all the movement of local bands is in other places. And the impact of the Covid has been bad as in the whole world. Although here we have been able to do the odd concert in spaces with reduced capacity and many security measures, yes, it is terrible for everyone. In fact, many sites have closed, and I do not think they will reopen…"


Twenty-six years after the recording of "Melancholy" we still remember the repercussion of that album in our lives. What feelings does it bring to you to remember this specific album? "…Well, very good feelings because it was the first one we did, we were young. I (Vicente) was experiencing a new style because it came from "Death metal" and all the news are good and make a lot of illusion and because we were one of the first bands in this style in Spain and we had a lot of repercussions. We are very proud of that record…"


I'm sure a lot has changed since the debut album. How do you see the development of Mallorca? Do you see improvement or involution in terms of bands' production? "… In Mallorca, there are many bands and we are all going to get better. Here we have very good producers, and the outcome here has a quality that has nothing to envy to bands from the Peninsula or the rest of the world. We have evolved very favorably! Although our handicap is living on the island because it is so difficult to go on tour. For example, in the Peninsula, a band can take a van and go through it, which for us is more difficult. But still, some bands have toured abroad and have done quite well…" READ MORE...

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