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GORY BLISTER is a band that has been around for almost 33 years in Italy. They describe themselves as Progressive Death metal, but I would like to add an old school Thrash reference as well, specially from the German one. They have released seven albums so far, including the latest “Reborn from Hatred” which will be released this September 2023. We had the opportunity to chat with Raff Sangiorgio (guitars) about the new album’s recording process and he stated the following: “…The album is an emotional tale of the will to go on despite people, despite events. There have been destabilizing events in the band between "1991.Bloodstained" released in September 2018 and the whole period of the Covid pandemic, which seriously tested the band's existence, but we have cumulatively managed to move forward. Music is our strength, and we made sure that it came out stronger than ever.

We started composing without a plot to follow, but just following instinct, passion and fun. The fun aspect was key, if a riff or an arrangement didn't amuse us, we just didn't work on it, without making mental and/or philosophical lucubration, it doesn't amuse us, it means it doesn't work, and we move on to the next part, no problem. Listening to the result, I personally think that was the best choice…”


I read that the band is interested in themes like Psychology, the inner self and the outer space, but a title like “Reborn from Hatred” suggests a different approach to the lyrical content, maybe a distinct energy or repulsion, but let’s see what Raff has to say about it: “… In this album, there is no real concept in the lyrics, but in general, we talk about the existence of the human individual in relation to the current society in which he lives, with all the contradictions and fears that he has to face every day consciously but also unconsciously. For example, the song "Greedy Existence," tells of a society, ours, ruled to greed, where minds are dark and choices are manipulated, in every possible way. In this chaos, the individual struggles to seek the truth he deserves, challenging the existing order…”

“… Energy and hatred, in one word "inspiration". We mainly take it from the music itself, we listen to a lot of music, and we really enjoy playing it. However, we are people who outside the music context, we live a normal life, with work, family and children, with all the related issues, in fact the existence of the individual related consciously and unconsciously to the social context in which he lives, explained in the previous answer, is in fact also largely autobiographical…”


When I think of genuine and atypical metal bands from Italy, my memories go to big names like NECRODEATH, BULLDOZER, SADIST, and even more Black metal-oriented bands like MORTUARY DRAPE or OPERA IX. Time has passed, and it's great to know that some of these bands are still killing the stages. Raff gave us his insights on the Italian scenery nowadays: “…It is a niche genre that is not supported by the media, not even by the more alternative and/or underground media. In recent years, Italy also suffered from a lack of real generational change. The reason is the cultural change that has been taking place for several years due to the socials mainly, which have flattened everything in favor of a non-culture, and of an increasingly fast use of content. The attention, for example, does not last more than 30/40 seconds, and as a result content burns out quickly and nothing remains. Nothing remains because even the content itself, it's empty, just big bullshit and nonsense. The new generation doesn't want to think because it's tiring, they prefer someone to think for them and suggest what they like and what not. This counter- culture has killed music made of challenging quality content, including Death Metal…”

“… Older audiences, on the other hand, are tied to history, to the most successful bands of the golden age, and they have a hard time, even out of pride, out of fear of stepping out of their comfort zone, listening to and especially evaluating new bands. That's the situation. So, we play because we love to play and we are at our best with Death Metal, if we also meet someone's favor, all the better...”

“… In Milan, there is no longer a real scene like in the past, I prefer to relate to a more Italian scene. Italy has always had good bands, some didn't last long, others despite the difficulties and unachieved success, are still active and with their heads held high. I could mention ABORYM, or SADIST who recently opened for PANTERA (CFH) in Italy, or the very good FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE. Of course, we have LACUNA COIL, they are great, they are from Milan like us, but they're not Death or extreme metal. We need media attention overall and better local live promoters, many of them seem to improvise in the way they work today …”

I can’t imagine how busy GORY BLISTER is with a new release on the way these days. “Reborn From Hatred” will be out this September 8th, via Eclipse Records. Be attentive to this album and let’s hear what Raff’s dreams and hopes are, and what he has in mind for the upcoming months: “…Since we've been around for a long time, and we've released 7 albums, may our experience and skills be recognized on a par with many other bands that have produced less than us, and that are much better known, sometimes even famous. We are rehearsing and looking for a new bass player. We hope to come back live soon to promote on stage our “Reborn from Hatred”. Keep the metal faith alive and listen to GORY BLISTER’s latest album!! Current line-up: John St John (vocals), Raff Sangiorgio (guitars, bass, synth), Gianluca D’andria (drums)…”

By: Alex Sanchez

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