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"Where Only Gods May Tread", from 2020, was an album that consolidated their name in the English and the world's slamming Death Core battlefield.  INGESTED, from the city of Manchester, is cooking something for the summer. Vocalist Jason Evans gives us more details of what moves them as humans and as a band.

Photo by Gaz Davies.

Live photos by Lee Willo. 


Considering that we love metal music, if I were planning a vacation to go to Manchester, what places or bands we shouldn't miss definitely? "…Manchester is, and always will be, a hotbed of the UK music scene, regardless of genre. In the before times, there were shows every week in one of the city's many great music venues; The Apollo, The Ritz, Rebellion, Satan's Hollow, and Academy are some of our favorites. Manchester is synonymous with awesome legendary bands and artists, OASIS, THE STONE ROSES, JOY DIVISION, NEW ORDER, the list goes on. We're proud to call it home, and one day our name will be on that list too…"


How was the scene back in 2006 when you put INGESTED together? What was unique about that time that makes you form a Death metal band? "…It was crazy. There was a lot of talent coming through in the UK metal scene at that time, so competition was fierce. The underground Death metal scene was about who could be the fastest, the most technical, the most brutal, etc. So as a band, it really kept you on your toes to be able to do all that cool shit, but still, mark yourselves out from the rest of the pack…"


In the beginning, you took from the bands you've been growing up listening to, but after a while, you start becoming yourself as a band. Have you found yourselves along this way? "…Yes, absolutely! We say this with every album, but I still think it's totally correct. Every album, we get better, we are getting more and more comfortable with who we are and what we want to achieve, and we are far from finished, we're only just getting started..."  READ MORE...

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