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INHUMATE, the legendary French Grinders, made a huge announcement that will impact their trajectory in September 1990. The French quartet has taken Grindcore to another level with an extensive discography, EP's, and Splits. The band members sat together around this questionnaire, and this is the outcome. 

After your first show at Maxim Rock nowadays, we have to confess that I barely can enjoy a Cuban or any other act live performance without questioning what a real show is about. Thanks for that performance so bizarre and aggressive.

Fred: Hum, thanks for your words. Now that you say that, to be honest, we know we have a very particular show, and when we play in Europe, people also enjoy or hate our way of destroying the stage. For us, energy is even more important than playing absolutely right. So, I'm glad you enjoyed our show, but please don't have any critical eye on Cuban bands. During our tour, the Cuban bands we saw are playing exactly the same way bands from the rest of the world do, and comparing the Maxim show with the other ones; what to say? For me the best performance was in Santa Clara, for Damien it was in Pinar del Rio, one thing is sure, our worst one was in Camaguey. But it's ok for us, good or not, as long as some people seem to have enjoyed our stage trance, we think we did the job well, hehe.


What did mean the entry of younger Damien and the leaving of founder guitarist David? Although he could come from a different musical background, he seems to enjoy playing grind-core so well.

Fred: It meant many things, man. It should have been hard to imagine this before he joined the band. As you told me, David was co-founder of the band with me, so he was in INHUMATE for 16 years. David was also the principal composer of INHUMATE music. What could we expect after his departure? So, when Damien came, the first thing, related to the fact that he was younger than us, was like a wave of fresh blood. It immediately kicked our old asses, like a nitro boost, ha, ha! He was coming from the "fashion" metal scene; he did not know what underground or grindcore meant. And in that way, we were fucking lucky. He immediately enjoyed this extreme feeling of the music. He learned everything quickly (playing, of course, composing too) and buying many albums and listening to all the bands he didn't know, from SLAYER to NAPALM DEATH, the worldwide underground grinding scene. The third thing was his extreme motivation. He worked the music very hard and understood the INHUMATE way of life, different from other bands. And he accepted it without wanting to change anything, and that was absolutely great for us. So, believe me, it didn't take a long time before we understood that he was the man we needed.


How was it in INHUMATE when you started? How is it now? Can you compare both epochs?

Fred: We started at the beginning of the nineties. Things were absolutely different because there was no Internet. Everything was going much slower, especially for promotion and to find some places to play. Nowadays, everything goes fast. I can't say that is better; the only thing I know it's different. Both situations have good and bad sides. READ MORE...

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