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Internal Bleeding



Texts and pic: Analaura Hernandez


Now residing in the state of Georgia, Steve was born on 1986 in Southern California. His vocals are best recognized in his work with previous band SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER and now current with INTERNAL BLEEDING. I asked Steve a few questions including how joining INTERNAL BLEEDING in 2019 came about and this is his experience.


When did you discover your vocal gifts?

Steve:  "In my early teens I was listening to classic metal bands, BLACK SABBATH, PANTERA, Slayer, etc.  I would sing along to all that kind of stuff and felt pretty good about it."


What was your first instrument?  At what age was it?

Steve:  "I played saxophone for a few years in middle school.  So I guess I was probably about 13.  I can attribute that experience for my ability to read music and understand time signatures and everything that goes along with playing in a band."


What influences got you into metal/music?

Steve:  "Those original influences I mentioned, naturally carved a path for the need to find heavier music.  Bands like SEPULTURA were monumental at that time.  Then you dig into their back catalog and find Morbid Visions and Bestial Devastation.... It was over.  Around the same time I saw MORBID ANGEL open for SLAYER & PANTERA at the Long Beach Arena in California. Ironically SOULFLY was on that tour.  From there I got really into CANNIBAL CORPSE, MASSACRE, and OBITUARY. Anything at the local record store that looked brutal, I would buy it."

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At what point did you decide you wanted to join INTERNAL BLEEDING?

Steve:  "Well, outside of the music industry, I've been friends with the guys for a number of years.  We would always talk and shoot the shit on a regular basis.  So Chris had mentioned to me that their vocalist at the time Joe Marchese was having a hard time committing to their upcoming tour schedule. So I automatically thought I could be a potential candidate if something were to happen.  I think I even told him he could count on me if he needed someone. So I guess I knew I wanted it, pretty early on."


Was there an audition or did INTERNAL BLEEDING approach you?

Steve:  "They did hold auditions.  When they decided to part ways with Joe, they told me that there were 3 potential candidates and that they wanted me to learn a song of theirs, make a video of myself performing the song and send it in to them. (This was easier than flying to New York from California and trying out in person.)  So I did.  I performed their 2018 title track "Corrupting Influence" and turned it in."

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More importantly... What feelings came to you when you got the news about becoming vocalist for Internal Bleeding?

Steve:  "I was extremely excited for the opportunity.  At the time, they had some really major tours lined up.  This was pre-pandemic, so everything was wide open.  Which is basically the reason Joe couldn't commit to it. They had two Euro tours lined up, two North American tours, Asia, UK, you name it.  The I.B. train was coming.  So we made the announcement, passed the torch... Then I think we did about twenty shows out of a hundred and everything got shut down.  That's where we are today.  So far the only tour we've been able to make up was with DECIDE this past August in the United States."


How many bands/projects do you have going on?  Tell me about them. 

Steve: INTERNAL BLEEDING is my only project at the moment. We have pre-production mostly finished for the next album.  We'll be in the studio next spring and plan for an early 2023 release. 


Steve's life fuel: 

What is your fuel for life?

Steve:  "I have a lot of positive energy in my life these days. My band mates are my brothers, it's family.  I couldn't ask for a better group of guys to jam with. I have great friends, my significant other is very inspiring and uplifting.  She encourages me every day and supports my endeavors.  So that's really nice. All those things keep me going and make me want to keep pushing this band until the wheels fall off."


Steve's words of encouragement to fellow musicians:

Steve: "Go against the grain, be different, don't follow trends. Write the music for you and who cares what anyone else thinks.  If people like it, that's amazing. But at the end of the day it's about doing what you want and what you're feeling. Whatever makes you happy."

Thank you Steve. It's been an honor.



Instagram: @internal_bleeding


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