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The bio:
The band SPIRITS WAY comes from Warsaw (Poland) and was founded in 2009 (officially 2010) by the guitarist / vocalist and leader of the group - Tomasz "Destro" Radzikowski. The band's music can be called classic Death metal, inspired by bands such as MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, DEATH, CARCASS or CANNIBAL CORPSE. The lyrics are about death, violence and perversion. When describing their music, you can call it both technical and with the appropriate atmosphere for this genre of music. So far, the band has released three albums - "Freedom Through Blood" (2011) and "Brainless Puppets Are Enslaved" (2012). Devoid of Morality (2016). So far, Spirits Way has played concerts and music festivals in Europe with MARDUK, OBITUARY, INCANTATION, DECAPITATED, HATE, CHRIST AGONY, TRAUMA, FRONTSIDE, LOSTSOUL, OGOTAY, SPITEFUL, MASACHIST, FLESHGORE, ENDOCARNIAL, and ZOOFAGUS.

The band:
“… Warsaw is my city, and it is impossible not to mention the bands HATE, CONQUEST ICON, SPHERE, or PYOREA. A few years ago, the Warsaw metal scene was powerful, today this tiger's fucked-up realities have bitten its sharp fangs. It was 2009 or 2010; I met Martinez in one of the Warsaw music stores, currently a musician of the bands BHP and ALPHA ZERO and that's how it started. SPIRIT'S WAY is full of anger, revenge and hatred, these extreme emotions are the driving force of true art. We have just finished recording our third album, the release date is May 31. We are lucky that we are doing well when it comes to money, we do art for the love of music. We are working on the new album premiere and the start of rehearsals for the tour and concerts. There are no dreams, only goals and I achieve every goal effectively. Fuck posers and the self-proclaimed elite. Tomasz Radzikowski (Lead guitar and vocals) Shaun Black (drums) + live musicians …”

The Review:
SPIRITS WAY “"Attendite a Falsis Prophetis" by Teufelszeug Records
This is what I like about the Underground and being in touch with it on a daily basis. Suddenly, one morning you get in your car and put music on your player to drive to work and you can't believe your ears. I had heard the single “Paradox of Anger” where Dave Suzuki plays a solo before and it was a killer song. After that, I kept waiting for the release of SPIRITS WAY's new album and it really surprised me. The Polish duo plays Death Metal, which resembles the classic Death Metal of all times, with overtones of brutality, an attractive mix between DEICIDE and SUFFOCATION. However, the overall sound, at least on this album, gives this blasphemous recording quite a bit of personality. All this is without going into the writing of the songs. In fact, you can see mastery and experience in what they do, and above all a lot of maturity in terms of composition. I would like to highlight tracks like “Body Decomposition Engineering” the one that names the album, “Morbid Midnight” and the other song in which Dave Suzuki participates, although I recommend the album from beginning to end. There are nine songs, including an intro and an instrumental that will make you start following the evolution of these Polish guys. I hope they go on tour soon and stop by Texas, where I'm sure their music will be greatly appreciated. 9.2/10
By Alex Sanchez

The Interview:
Congrats on the new album. Could you mention some highlights and setbacks during the recording of the album? “… Well, the album was created in a great atmosphere because me and Shaun locked ourselves in the studio for a few months and created the perfect conditions to feel the team spirit. Great moments are undoubtedly the pleasure of composing music together. There were no bad moments, you know exactly what I'm talking about…”

If I ask you to go deep into the album's title and theme what'd you tell me? “… The message is that lies appear everywhere! Religion deceives its followers by creating the figure of Jesus as a symbol of good, but he is a symbol of hypocrisy, and you also have to be careful with false prophets in everyday life, and believe me, I know what I'm saying. The title is a metaphor for the lies around us from people and religions...”

What are Dave Suzuki's contributions to this album? Will he ever perform live with the band? “… Dave is our friend and a great man. He always supported me and was very nice. Finally, the opportunity arose to invite him to perform a solo on one of the songs and it happened! Will Dave play live with us? You’ll have to ask him, but if we play shows in The States, I'll call him immediately! …”

It's been less than a week since Attendite a Falsis Prophetis saw the light. How has it been received so far? “… It's only been a week, but we are receiving information from fans that they are very happy and like our new music. The press and media support us in promotion, e.g. you, Alex, for which I thank you very much. We've already received the first reviews from China, the USA and the UK, so we're waiting for more and keep going…”

Where can we order the album? What formats are available? “… The album can be purchased on the website of our label Teufelszeug Records. For now, it is available on CD, but a vinyl version will be available soon…”

Where are you willing to take this new recording to? Any more plans for 2024? “…Wherever possible!! You know what I mean? Wherever I can go. What plans? let me think, concerts, tours and another album…”

The Discography
-"Freedom Through Blood" (2011) –
-"Brainless Puppets Are Enslaved" (2012). "
-"Devoid of morality" (2016)
- "Attendite a Falsis Prophetis" 2024

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