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Dreams and reality rarely coincide. It is difficult to predict the significance of the decisions. The three pages below are a living proof of this. MOONSPELL, our teenager’s idols, honor this publication and Fernando Ribeiro, the Portuguese metal legend, answers these questions.

28 years have passed since the band formed in the early ’90s. What are the best recollections of those times? What’s best or worst in comparison to nowadays?

It feels we have been trapped inside an hourglass. Sometimes we were shaken, and the sand moved fast, sometimes we were stuck, and it was like time stood still. Our biggest achievement is our unlikely survival as a band. It’s not news for anyone that we hail from a peripheral country in Europe, with no love lost for not having a rock or metal scene that would make us all proud. We have built by ourselves an exception and maybe that’s we can be proud of if living in a band like Moonspell, would allow you the time and distance for pride. The best of “those times” was the magic that clicked when you listened to music and took it to your heart. Much more than a commodity or entertainment, music was a form of art, not depending on social networking of opinion or influence. Fans made their own choices. In our days' people take it for granted and it’s ugly. But we only play to a few who still find the passion behind music, of that I’m sure.


Throughout these 28 years of putting out albums, Moonspell has been loved, hated, appraised, and criticized. Where is the band in terms of audience reaction now?

Moonspell always has to ask. Al that emotions you mentioned were always dynamic and ever-changing. We had people who loved us, they hated us. We had people who hated us, they loved us. You name it, it has happened. So, I guess that while we are together and creatively alive as a band, every new album, every back catalog released is us posing that question again and people trying to answer it to the best of their knowledge. As far as I am concerned, I don’t live obsessed with that answer. I think it is pure luck or fate that people approach you and take their time to listen to your music. So I am just trying to enjoy it while it lasts, while people are still curious about us, Moonspell.


If I mention the moniker Daemonarch, what emotions or regrets come to your mind? Why didn’t continue to develop this interesting idea?

I don’t put my life in drawers. I know very well why Daemonarch was born and why it has disappeared. Mission was accomplished, energies were unblocked, clouds dissipated. We didn’t continue it because we didn’t want to. I could come up with a million excuses for you, some of them even rightful ones. The lack of time, the turn Black Metal did into something total against what I believe it to be, etc. But the main reason is that it never happened because we didn’t feel like that to happen. That’s called being in control of our actions. The only thing happening is that Hermeticum will be re-released as it’s sold out for many years and many people wish to have their own copy and not rely on bad sounding Youtube rips. 


 If any fans asked you to play a song from "Under the Moonspell" what would you say? Are you proud of this beginning or is it just a part of a very distant past? I am listening to "Tenebrarum Oratorium" right now and it feels so good, haha ​​... READ MORE...





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