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“Nertos” is the title chosen for an album that marks a before and after in their career.

Carlos Greses Tormo/Black Heaven Management & Promotion


Since the release of the first single back in March last year, news about CELTIBEERIAN's new album has been a long time coming, but the time has come for things to pick up speed. At last, the folk metal outfit have unveiled the title and cover of their fifth studio album, as well as the band's new logo. A natural change that follows the line-up changes that have taken place over the last few months.

'Nertos' is the title chosen for the album that is called to open a new stage in the career of one of the most successful Spanish folk metal bands. And this is its cover, designed by Joel Marco:

The band wanted to comment on all this news and sent this message: 'As we already announced, we present the cover with a new logo and also the link where you can get the PRE-ORDER of the album and EXCLUSIVE MERCHANDISING that will only be available for those who help us in this way to get the album out, because after so long without concerts, change of line-up and without much movement due to the pandemic, it is costing us as many other bands to continue with our projects. Thanks to the collaboration of great artists and friends, this album will be of the highest quality we will do to date, using new sounds and ideas in each song. We would really appreciate it if you shared this link with everyone and left us a comment about what you think about this great cover designed by Jmdesign'.

More news about the recording and tour dates will follow in the next few days! PRE-ORDER LINK:
Cheers, Rock 'n Roll and lots of beer!
Stay tuned, because there's a lot of news coming...

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