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After the release of four albums and two compilations, GODES YRRE is back and is planning to release a trilogy of Eps.

Abel Oliva & Scriptorium Magazine


After the release of four albums and two compilations, GODES YRRE is back and is planning to release a trilogy of Eps. Each will contain three six-minute songs, and to be reunited on an album likely next year. This new experiment goes hand in hand with human emotions and hence the name of the first EP: LOhaVEte. Without losing the Doom tempo, GODES YRRE now enters into the path of Stoner and Gothic, and will feature guest guitarists on each song for the first time.

LOhaVEte Credits:
Composed, Produced and Recorded by A. Oliva at OLI-Studios, Switzerland.
Mixed and Mastered by Indio Doomslayer at DeepBlast Studios, Havana, Cuba.
All Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming, Vocals and Lyrics by A. Oliva.
Loving with Hate guitar solos by Manuel Varela, Spain (Spiritus, C-Men)
Poisons & Spells guitar solos by Juan Paz, Canada (Vortice, Schyte)
She Kiss Like a Mummy guitar solo by Mike Haller, Switzerland (Nashville Rebels, Sleazey Catz)
Graphic Art by Artemasdesign. 2024 Copyrighted by SUISA, Switzerland.

The Forming:
Caibarien, Cuba since early days of 1994 and proudly settled in Switzerland. Abel Oliva is the founding member (this is a one-man-band).

The Main Drive:
I experience the darkness of the human soul, poetry, the sinister, and history. Perhaps the slow tempo of the songs and their relatively long duration takes you to different emotional moments.

The Current recording:
The latest effort is upcoming EP LOhaVEte, to be release on April 1st. I have a Home Studio, so I lock myself in and let my demons do the rest. The guest guitarists recorded their tracks in their own home studios. In addition, everything was mixed and mastered in Havana at DeepBlast Studios, with which I have worked before and hope to continue doing so.

Working again with long-time guitarist Manuel Varela?
The friendship that unites us has not diminished over the years. Varela already recorded a guitar solo for my industrial rock project NAUREA. He now does it again in the song "Loving with Hate" by GODES YRRE. I am also collaborating with his recording of a new SPIRITUS album.

GODES YRRE speaks about:
The first ep from 1994 went hand in hand with the poetry of William Blake and the Renaissance, and the vision of a god abandoning his flock. After a long break comes a trilogy of three albums of 7 songs of 7 minutes each, where the first album is about different biblical stories and a perhaps unorthodox vision. The second album is about the forgotten warriors of ancient times and their culture. And closes the third album about the vision of hell in very different cultures in different geographies. Now begins a cycle of three EPs dealing with human emotions in verses bordering on romanticism.

Dreams and hopes.
Live long enough to get all my demons out of my soul, recording as long as the strength gives me!

The present/ The future:
We are ready for the launch of the new EP as I had already told you. I will finish recording two more EPs to bring together this year's three EPs into a full album to be released in 2025. Thank you very much to those who listen to GODES YRRE in streaming and buy his music on Bandcamp! We are open to collaborations and interviews! Thanks to you Alex for your selfless and precise support throughout all these years, Scriptorium rules!

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