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Release first new single and music video for the title-track “Invisible Queen”/ Kick-off album pre-sale/ Bonus-CD features a lot of well-known guest singers!

Fireflash Records/Foto credit: Axel Jusseit


2023 will mark the final chapter in the long history of Germany’s legendary Thrash Metal act HOLY MOSES, celebrated with the bands upcoming new studio album "Invisible Queen" (Release: April 14th, 2023) and a last run of live shows.

Today HOLY MOSES release their first single including a music video clip for the title track "Invisible Queen", which says it all. Sabina Classen is the first and longest standing female thrash vocalist - The Queen of Thrash. However, she is a well-kept secret of the metal scene, never basking in the limelight of mainstream glory. She is nevertheless famous, especially to the old school metal scene and even to the bands in the current mainstream. “Invisible Queen” has a double meaning; Sabina herself says, ”I'm going to disappear into the void and I'm proud of what I've been able to accomplish with Holy Moses since 1981. I never could have imagined that I would travel across most of the world with my high school band and eventually leave with such a clear statement, as I have with this album. This title-track was tailored for me by my guitarist Pete. The lyrics are self-explanatory and is one of the heaviest songs on the album; it is pure, unadulterated THRASH.” Of course, this song will be part of the live set for the "Final Reign Tour" in 2023.
All hail the INVISIBLE QUEEN during her FINAL REIGN!!

Watch the video here:
Stream the track here:

Today, HOLY MOSES also kick off the pre-sale for the album "Invisible Queen", which will be released on the following formats:

1-CD Jewelcase
2-CD Digipak incl. 12-Track Bonus CD "Invincible Friends"
1-LP in red/black marbled (lt. 500 pieces) and white/black marbled (ltd. 500 pieces)

At the Atomic Fire Records Webshop you can get a strictly limited - 200 pieces - boxset incl. the 2-CD digipak, a flag with the cover art, logo-patch, lanyard and a signed foto-card by all members.

Get your version here:

On the CD bonus album "Invincible Friends" you get all album tracks in special versions, featuring varous well-known guest singers:

01. Downfall Of Mankind (Feat. Marloes Voskuil – Haliphron)
02. Cult Of The Machine (Feat. Bobby Ellsworth – Overkill)
03. Order Out Of Chaos (Feat. Diva Satanica – ex-Nervosa / Bloodhunter)
04. Invisible Queen (Feat. Ingo Bajonczak – Assassin / Bonded)
05. Alternative Reality (Feat. Tom Angelripper – Sodom)
06. The New Norm (Feat. Chris Staubach – Courageous)
07. Visions In Red (Feat. Rægina – Dæmonesq)
08. Outcasts (Feat. Leif Jensen – Dew-Scented)
09. Forces Great And Hidden (Feat. Gerre – Tankard)
10. Too Far Gone (Feat. Jens Kidman – Meshuggah)
11. Depersonalized (Feat. Daniela Karrer – Headshot)
12. Through The Veils Of Sleep (Feat. Ryker’s)

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