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Metastasys DC - 'Cicatrices'

Stefan & Green Bronto Records


Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore
Label: Green Bronto Records
Release Date: 23 Sep. 2022

Metastasys DC have released their debut album 'Cicatrices' on Sep 23rd along with a video for the title track (engl. 'Scars').

FFO: Pro-Pain, Sick of it All, Slipknot

Location: Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Metastasys DC release debut album 'Cicatrices' on Sep 23rd, 2022 via Green Bronto Records

Metastasys DC from Santiago de Cuba cultivate a very own crossover style since 2009. Their music is based on Hardcore, which at times flirts with other genres like Metalcore and Groove Metal. A peculiar sound that is rounded off with hard hitting Spanish lyrics.

Throughout their career they have earned highest reputation on all stages of Cuba. With more than 300 concerts, they have grown to one of the most demanded acts by the Cuban metal audience. Metastasys DC - a live band whose characteristics is to offer a show full of energy, professionalism, and great dynamics. They are now bringing their overflow of adrenaline and mastery of the stage to a debut record that will conquer new audiences worldwide.

Vocalist Robin Fajardo says: 'Cicatrices (Scars) is a conceptual album in my opinion. A summarized conglomerate of ten years of work and a load of externalized feelings in the music. Designed so that, in its eight songs, the listeners know the band, identify with our realities, understand the feelings of our people (in Cuba), and above all find refuge in our music. There's a phrase someone said somewhere that we've always made our own way: if questioning, if unmasking what's wrong, if saying something is too dangerous, then make it music. So yes, this album is a statement because we all carry those scars.'

1 Caos
2 Nemesys
3 Sistema Depresivo
4 En Silencio
5 Cicatrices
6 Impotencia
7 Grito de Salvación
8 Codigos
9 Social Metastasys

We have a new video single available for you:
Metastasys DC - Social Metastasys

FFO: Pro-Pain, Sick of it All, Slipknot

Location: Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Metastasys DC release video single 'Social Metastasys' via Green Bronto Records on Oct 7th 2022

The band says:
'Esta es nuestra declaración, desde nuestra trinchera musical... The war inside my world.

"Hasta cuando vamos a aguantar
Hacia donde vamos a parar
Este infierno y está destrucción"

Social Metástasis.'

Green Bronto Records, Germany
We #Rock4Climate

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