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Rebel Souls released Dawn Of Depravity, their new album

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The furious Rebel Souls released Dawn Of Depravity, their new album

Rebel Souls, the death metal band founded in Germany but now based in Malaga, has released Dawn Of Depravity, their second album. This work, recorded and mixed by his guitarist Tornay at Wave Nation Studio and which has a master by Jacob Hansen from his Hansen Studios (Aborted, Arch Enemy, Volbeat...), has already devastated any medium that has submitted to his songs. .

Its impressive cover, the work of Mitchell Nolte (Aborted, Baest...), takes you to a world, ours, in full decline, with a rotten humanity, on the verge of extinction because of its own greed, violence and corruption. Such fierce criticism could only be accompanied by overwhelming, fast and angry songs, but also dynamic, varied and inspired.

Dawn Of Depravity is ready to devastate your ears, and you'll find it on the main streaming platforms.
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