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Australian Deathgrinders REMAINS Share New Music Video!

Dominik & All Noir


Extreme stadium grind with epic blasting assaults and windmilling rockin hooks to blow your lids clean off - July 15th will see the release of "Grind 'Til Death", the debut album by Melbourne Death Metal/Grindcore powerhouse REMAINS. Formed in 2019 and featuring members of highly reputed bands Blood Duster, Captain Cleanoff, The Kill, Fuck I’m Dead, King, The Day Everything Became Nothing, REMAINS are slicing their name into the Australian metal scene, and soon in the rest of the world! After the release of the first single "Bloodthirst", the band follows up with a brand new music video for the track "Remains".
Frontman Tony ‘Tone Bone’ Forde says:
"This self-titled track 'Remains' tells the tale of the bands death and is summed up in the opening verse."

“In the 21st century
A band of four
Were fucking murdered
By executioners...”

“It’s one of the first songs we wrote when the band started writing for the album is bound to be a definite crowd pleaser with savage blast beats and a chorus that will surely want you to raise your horns high. The track is accompanied with a live video taken from our show supporting the mighty Obituary back in 2019. Definitely a track that will get your hooves tapping!”

out on July 15th via Spikerot Records (worldwide) and Disdain Records (Australia)

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Dominik Goncalves dos Reis


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