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Avant-Garde Metal act WOODEN VEINS (feat. former members of Mourning Sun & Mar de Grises) shares new lyric video for "Beyond Words"!

written by ALL NOIR


Hailing from Chile, South America and featuring former members of well known doom metal units like Mourning Sun and Mar de Grises, WOODEN VEINS are about to get set for the release of their highly anticipated debut album, titled "In Finitude", out on June 4th via The Vinyl Division. With a wide range of ingredients, packed into a defined artistic concept & aesthetic, the band's upcoming studio album is a deeply powerful piece of music, exploring the edge of extreme metal's territories. After the previously- released video clip for "The Veiled Curse", today WOODEN VEINS unleashes a brand new lyric video for "Beyond Words", which is "a track about what drives us to move forward, the unspeakable that hides within us" as WOODEN VEINS states. "It can be a deep determination towards our longings or simply some persistent activity that we exercise throughout our lives without being aware of its fascination. That longing or activity that moves us will always be faced with the ups and downs of life; work, studies, personal relationships, family, fortuitous things, etc. and it is there where those impulses are put to the test, which always keeps going despite the cold that may surround us, the confusion that we may feel and the deceptions, anxieties and melancholy that time may present us."
Initially planned as the second part of the album's opening track "Thin Shades", it soon became clear that "Beyond Words" had to become a piece of music of its own, as the band explains:

"Thin Shades was a song about 9 minutes long and after a careful listen we decided to split it into two tracks. In fact, in most of the album layout we simply called this track 'Thin Shades part 2' until it had a personality of its own. It is maybe these two songs that leaves us the most satisfied due to the dynamics; electronic sounds, vocal arrangements, blast beats, etc.. With each step of progress, we liked it more and more and now, here we present it to you and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do."
Produced by Juan Escobar at Vultura Studio, Czech Republic and mastered by Magnus Lindberg in Sweden (Cult Of Luna, Tribulation, Dool, Lucifer), "In Finitude" will be coming out on June 4th via The Vinyl


1. Thin Shades
2. Beyond Words
3. Herradura (by the sea)
4. Mirages
5. The Veiled Curse
6. Invern
7. Empty Arcs
8. In Finitude

Wooden Veins are:
Javier Cerda – Vocals
Juan Escobar - Guitars/ Bass
Alberto Atalah – Drums
Eduardo Poblete - Keyboard

For more info visit:

PR Contact:
Dominik Goncalves dos Reis


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