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This German band is rescuing the influx of melodic Swedish Death metal. NYKTOPHOBIA expresses a lot of it on the latest album, "What lasts Forever". It is an excellent record that you should not lose sight of and has not found the protection of any label company yet. Tomasz Wisniewski, the vocalist, shares his impressions about the band's trajectory and what he has in mind after the pandemic is over.

Nyktophobia is mostly seen in children with fear of the dark; there may be cases in adults, although very rare. Was the name of the band more related to some of these rare cases? “…The band name is not based on actual stories, but rather inspired by Fear Of The Dark from IRON MAIDEN, but of course we like the meaning in general…”


Living kind of close to NIGHT IN GALES has inspired you as a band? What would you highlight in terms of metal music from the area where you live? “…They were no inspiration for us, but we like NIGHT IN GALES, of course. Great music and great guys…”


Could it be said that NYKTOPHOBIA comes from the ashes of DAWN OF DISEASE? Why did you guys decide to end up DAWN OF DISEASE to continue developing two melodic Death metal bands? “…No, both bands are not connected in any way to each other. Besides the fact that Tomasz was also the singer from DAWN OF DISEASE and Christian played drums for a few years in DAWN OF DISEASE, but NYKTOPHOBIA was already born back in 2015; when DOD still existed, so there is no link between the split up…”  READ MORE...

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