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One of the most interesting bands on the Texas metal scene is, without a doubt, SADISTIC FORCE. There is a little bit of everything in its music: Thrash, Heavy, Punk, Rock and Roll and Black. Imagine Lemmy Kilmister playing VENOM songs and you get an idea of where everything is heading with these guys. However, I dare to tell you that Austin's Three-piece’s songs are more than that and that is why I encourage you to delve into the band and its discography. So far, they have two albums out. The most recent is Midnight Assassin from last year but in my opinion the debut Aces Wild is the one that resonates with me the most. Diehard metalheads need to approach this band because there’s quality in what they do. Guitarist and vocalist James Oliver agreed to answer a questionnaire and here is the result. Enjoy it!

sadistic force

Why is the force that drives you sadistic? “… Because I need Pain, Sex, and Rapture! I’m driven by Speeding Black Leather Hell! ...”


I am amazed that metal musicians bring back legends like BATHORY, VENON or MOTORHEAD into the music. I feel confident about the new generation, what about you? “… All the younger people that I ever interact with clearly worship at the altar of old school, traditional heavy metal. It’s badass…”


Could you expand about the new single “Iron Rite” and the collaboration with Goat Throne Records to release your music in Japan? “… Iron Rite is a declaration of dedication to Metal and a glimpse into the future of the band’s musical output. We are currently working on more new material...” 

“… Goat Throne put out the cassette, which ships internationally from Texas. A Japanese label called Spiritual Beast is putting out a Japanese edition of Midnight Assassin this year that will feature Iron Rite and our cover of Motörhead’s I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care) as bonus tracks…”  


What about here, how has sophomore album Midnight Assassin been accepted so far? “…  It’s been great! The album’s release gained us quite a few new listeners and followers and has had positive reviews. There’s also been positive feedback on the music video for the title track…”

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Sadistic Force Album

You have been very active and prolific in terms of writing music. Did you write, play and record all the music or the other members collaborate in all parts of these processes? “… I write all the songs and then present them to the other guys. I played bass on all the releases prior to the first full-length. I wrote all the bass parts up until just recently when Mike joined the band. He wrote his parts on “Iron Rite” and is writing all his parts for the five new songs we’re working on as well…”


Correct me if I am wrong, I am reading that the current members Mike Gupta (bass) and JP Campo (drums) joined SADISTIC FORCE this year. Is it a setback or a step forward every time the lineup changes? “… This lineup change is a giant leap forward! It took some hard work for us to get ready to play the initial shows we’ve done together, and we are also working very hard behind the scenes on the new material. I can’t wait for people to hear the results! We are moving forward into a new chapter of Sadistic Force, that will feature a heavier, more black metal infused sound…”


Could you let us know more about the new members? What are they bringing to SADISTIC FORCE? “…Both new members bring something unique and powerful to the overall gestalt of the band. Mike is a fantastic bass player who has an old school rock n roll background inspired by bands that had a bassline separate from the rhythm guitar, unlike most modern metal bands. JP’s musical background is in death metal and black metal, so he brings a much more aggressive style of drumming that showcases intense blasting, hyper-fast double bass, and intricate cymbal work. We are looking forward to unleashing this new turbo-charged version of the band that combines the best elements of our three musical backgrounds. Sadistic Force on steroids! …”

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For those who are approaching the band for the first time through this interview, how would you describe your live set? “… I would describe it as an unrelenting Blackened Speed Metal assault! We get onstage and put on an intense show no matter what. We are also now incorporating brief intro samples into the live set, featuring audio from horror movies and true crime audiobooks, etc. that sets the vibe in between certain songs. The music video for Iron Rite would give readers a decent idea of what our shows are like…”


If you were to pick four Texan bands to tour all over, which ones would you put on the lineup? “…I’ll go with WÜLFSKOL, LEATHER CHURCH, DISCARNATE HORIZON, and MORBOSIDAD…”


Are you still promoting Midnight Assassin live or are there new songs in the works? What else the band has in mind for the upcoming months? “…We’re working on incorporating more and more of the unreleased new songs into the set, but are still playing some songs from Midnight Assassin, as well as Aces Wild, Sadistic Rot, and Black Moon Sadism. The setlist varies depending on how long of a timeslot we have, as well as what territory we are playing in. For instance, if we play a new place for the first time, we will probably play more songs off Midnight Assassin for the fans who haven’t gotten a chance to see us live yet.


State some words for your followers, the old school metalheads and our readers. “… Love live Balls Out Blackened Speed! Hail Satan and keep that old school metal flame burning! …”


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