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SEX BY MANIPULATION is a Cuban band that aptly combines many styles such as brutal Death metal, Grindcore, Hardcore, and Punk, and they play it very organically. They have recently released their first full-length, and Yohenry (bass player) openly talks about their music, sex, and other issues that are a little contradictory for the Cuban panorama.

How is boredom in Camagüey city, haha? What would you highlight of your town if some metalhead decides to visit it? "... Well, bro, at least we don't have time to get bored, that's Pavel's thing, hahahahahaha. From my town, I'd recommend Ignacio Agramonte, the greatest warrior, the decorative vases, the most beautiful women, the craziest freaks we are, and the balls that we, Camagüey people, have ..."


One day at my job here, I enrolled more than 20 people from Camagüey for English classes, and at the end of the day, I said: "Camagüey is running out of people." How has immigration treated, specifically in the rock and metal sector? "… Emigration is plentiful not only in Camagüey if not totally in Cuba.  We are a living example of it. Out of the four founding members, two emigrated to the USA, the vocal Benny Migoya and the guitar player Juan Sánchez "Juancy". Still, we quickly find substitutes, but that does not mean that there are many musicians or people interested in playing metal music ..."


Can the band be considered an extension of HIRDEN, although the musical style varies a lot? By the way, why did HIRDEN cease to exist? "… Not at all. The SEX BY MANIPULATION creation was ​​"Machine" and my idea with former KONFLIKT members. HIRDEN is and will always be my favorite band, where I started and learned to play guitar and create songs with Eugenio Bazan. I also love the Second World War theme, and the band turned that way very early. I have always liked the grindcore and the brutality in music. SEX BY MANIPULATION started as a project, but when we came out on stage, everything was so fast and had a great acceptance worldwide, which totally absorbed our time. Since then, I am a vaginal monkey. I only dedicate time to sex, sex and sex ..." READ MORE...

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