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Death metal maniacs will be thrilled to approach this act from Houston, Texas. Even though the forming dates from 2021 the band’s core members are pretty experienced when it comes to listening to and writing for a Death metal combo. SICKNESS DEFINED intends to recreate those all-times murderous sounds but in their own bizarre way. This month, on June 17, the four-piece will open for NARCOTIC WASTELAND USA tour at Black Magic Social Club and it will be a great opportunity to check them out live. In the meantime, go read what Luis Cardenas (drummer) revealed in this thought-provoking interview.


How do you guys feel to be in the lineup for the NARCOTIC WASTELAND show at Black Magic Social Club next June 17th? “… First and foremost, everybody in SICKNESS DEFINED wants to say a sincere thank you for the opportunity to spread the word about Sickness Defined. We are honored and beyond excited to be a part of this great show at Black Magic Social Club June 17th. We want to thank Serena Dames, Second Chance Productions, and Black Magic Social Club for this opportunity to present Sickness Defined to the public and open up for Dallas Toler Wade & Narcotic Wasteland on this killer tour! We also want to thank everybody who has clicked like, shared, watched the videos/jammed the tunes, you Scriptorium Magazine for allowing us the use of your platform, and everybody reading right now…”


Will you guys open the show or play second? Any words of encouragement for those who arrive late at local shows? “… We advise everyone to get there early to witness LETHAL AGENT destroy as always, we will follow and then DECIMATE takes the stage before the night's headliners WHORE OF BETHLEHEM and the mighty NARCOTIC WASTELAND. It’s been a while since some of us in SICKNESS DEFINED have taken the stage and we are ready to level that place, be warned! …”


Do all Houstonians form the band? Where in Houston? What is it about the H-town scene that you love or hate the most?  “…  We have loved the HTX scene since the mid 1980's as the three of us are in our early 50's and have lived through every era. Tim is the youngest and our connection to the younger generations. I grew up in the Northside of Houston and Barrio Denver Harbor/Eastside. Doug (guitar) grew up in both South Houston and Clear Lake. George (bass) grew up in Magnolia Park/Segundo Barrio/East End. Tim (vocals) grew up in Rosenberg/ Freeport/ Dickinson area. We practice at Doug's Ranch in Alvin Texas…”


How did you guys get together and have that first talk about forming a metal band? Was Death metal the common ground for everyone since the beginning?  “… SICKNESS DEFINED first started as a project of mine. The name was taken from a BOUND IN FLESH’s song. It started slowly at first just as an idea for a Death metal band. Things didn't really get rolling until Doug Williams contacted me about getting together and jamming and seeing if we clicked and we did from the first practice. We continued as a two-piece for many months creating and writing songs/ideas. We had an early vocalist Chad who held it down until he had to relocate. I then invited Tim Pardue who I knew for many years to come do vocals and Tim fit immediately to the sound we were trying to create with SICKNESS DEFINED. I then invited Joseph to play bass and he worked out for a while and contributed to helping us get our recording studio sounding better with the bass traps and other acoustic treatments, and helped us to understand why it is so vital for clearer recordings. He left the band as a brother after a few months for personal reasons. I then invited George to come check it out and see about playing the bass; and he fit like a glove completing and improving the band. We are now firing on all cylinders and just need a second rhythm guitarist to add a new element for some sick AUTOPSY type harmonized evil octave riffs, yeah ha ha…”


If you could define or describe your music evoking three metal masterpieces, which would they be and why? “… These have influenced each of us in many ways and you may hear elements from any of these throughout our sound. As we continue to write and compose new material, our sound starts to emerge and we are excited! …”

“… My (Luis) picks would be DEATH “Leprosy”, BOLT THROWER “Warmaster”, OBITUARY “Slowly We Rot”, ENTOMBED “Left Hand Path” and UNLEASHED “Where No Life Dwells”. Sorry I couldn't just pick 3…”
Tim: BLOODBATH “Nightmares Made Flesh”, CANNIBAL CORPSE “Live Cannibalism”, (yeah I cheated). I only named 2.
Doug: PESTILENCE “Consuming Impulse”, PARADISE LOST “Lost Paradise”, CELTIC FROST “Morbid Tales”.
George: AUTOPSY “Survival”, GRAVE “Into the Grave”, NAPALM DEATH “Harmony Corruption”.

Is the band keeping up a good pace at writing new music and rehearsing? Will there be a debut recording coming out soon?  “… We have been writing at a steady pace the last couple of years, getting together at Doug's on Saturdays mostly. We have a nine-song set plus an intro ready for the show June 17th at Black Magic Social Club and we are planning a demo three-song recording soon, a debut E.P by the end of this year, and a full-length album early next year…”

This is the space for the band to address your listeners and followers. Thanks for taking time to answer these questions. “… We want the fans to know this is not our first Rodeo. We are all veterans of the Houston metal scene. Doug was the first to start playing out in the late '80's/early '90's while still in High School. He played many shows at the legendary The Axiom on the regular with his band PARAGORIC, opening for touring bands and sometimes joining the tour for a few shows in Texas and Louisiana. He gained momentum and got a deal offer from a newly formed Relapse Records, which sadly didn't proceed but nonetheless lived full throttle…”

“… George also was playing in bands at this time playing the legendary East End/Southeast Houston underground party scene, playing in HALF OF LIFE and ABSOLUTE CORE in legendary Keg parties; where multiple bands would play. Sometimes the cops would show up and you would have dozens of drunk Mexican- American Thrasher kids through the neighborhood like in the 80s movies but way crazier lol I attended many …”

“... I have been actively playing as a drummer since 2000 with my bands BOUND IN FLESH and BRUTALLY MUTILATED. Tim also played in FLESHEATER, HACKED TO PIECES and a few others. We are all veterans and lived the old school, so Death metal is our way of Life and Death…”

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