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THEY MIGHT BE ZOMBIES is one of those bands that are about to jump higher. They give off a lot of professionalism in all their products. Ewar Acosta (vocalist and mastermind) leads us through its history and its most recent album “Reanimate”.

Is TMBZ a need for musical continuity?

First of all, thank you for your arrival and the interview, and we wish you many successes both in the USA and in Cuba. As you already know, at least two members of the band have a broad musical career in Cuba, that's something that you do once, you can't stop doing it no matter where you are, so more than continuity I would say that our lives just followed the same course. We have always been serious musicians who love our work.


How was the transitional period of leaving Cuba and arriving in the United States (contact with the local scene, differences, and search for the realization of dreams)?

Brother, as you know, I came to the USA in 2005. Since I arrived, I have not stopped doing what I always did in Cuba, once a musician, ever a musician. The transition period is still the same in all spheres, as you also lived it when you arrived. The difficulty of the adaptation process depends on the individual preparation of each one, no matter where you are from or where you live.


How do you describe the Miami scene in terms of bands, local media, labels, audience support, etc.?

The scene in Miami does not differ much from the one in Texas, New York, etc. Except that Latin urban music predominates here. That is, the same as we have previously experienced in Cuba. Therefore, as a musician from this genre, you have to strive to stand out since radio, labels specialized in the genre, and others do not exist locally. Nobody said it was easy, in terms of news, concerts of local bands, etc., the truth is that since we decided to launch the album. We started working at TMBZ. We have been so focused on everything we are experiencing that we have not had time to interact outside of this environment.


TMBZ is still a local band despite the professionalism of the proposal and the investment in visuality and promotion, Combat Record, which could contribute to the visuality and promotion of the band. READ MORE...

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