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29 years on the road… How do you feel after all these years? How’s the spirit these days? “… A Spirit is still same great, I guess. We toured outside of Poland almost 3 decades ago for the first time but VADER started to play regular shows eight years earlier though. “Iron Curtain” was yet too tight back then. Playing live on stage is the meaning of metal so we’d rather stop recording new albums than touring around…”


If you look back at the band’s trajectory, what were the main obstacles or barriers you had to overcome to get to the band’s current position? “… All but a passion was a problem as we started to play in 80s. Poland was far from [where] it is today. VADER was also among the pioneers of extreme metal in our country, and the “underground scene” was about to begin its existence over here. There were no equipment, no media interested, and no clubs to play shows. The local freaks base was rising up slowly. However that was a time of big changes in Poland and all so called authorities had no time and interest to make problems for such “outcasts” like us. We just started to stay in touch with same metal heads around the world and started to build our own metal scene step by step. I can say, that we reached a decent level with gear and position around a decade later. As I said, all was so much harder to get in Poland back then…”

Horns up for the latest album “Solitude in Madness”, brutal as usual. How was the cooking process? Did all members jump in its writing process, or did you just bring them what they have to play? “… The process was not much different than it was in Vader before. I and James have built the backbone of all songs together at the start. Then I and Spider were working with our songs separated. That is easier and not that much time consuming. I made a bass line as composer so I did for Spider songs this time too. After the album is fully done we start to work with chosen songs together in team. That’s a process in VADER and it works for almost four decades. “Solitude in Madness” was recorded in England in Grindstone Studio. Scott was a real important partner and huge motivation in the whole process of recording of our last album. He definitely lived up the level and His help with vocal recording was a huge push to me as a vocalist indeed. I never gave that much attention to vocal before…”


What I have always liked about VADER is that you guys have never compromised the music, and Solitude in Madness is solid proof of that. How do you make a balance between family life, age, and keeping up with the “brutality”? “… Age is nothing we are able to change or control, so we just don’t think about it. Life keeps turning but next and next generation need pretty same kick in the ass we needed before. Even in so much different world today. Metal still gives extraordinary emotional experiences. Families keep supporting our life and work, otherwise we wouldn’t be a family. To be in a band as a pro musician is kind of sacrifice yourself. Family support is always very vital. This is one of those choices in your life, which you have to take. I am one of those happy people who was never [been] put in the situation to choose between a band and family. We live in partnership, and we always support ourselves in what we do. And brutality? That is a language I use…”

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Can you compare the turnout of Solitude in Madness in terms of digital or physical sales with previous records? What are the sales or radio numbers telling you? “… The response was more than great. Can I ask for more after so many albums recorded? Selling? I never really carried about it. Sales may help in business but not in creativity. As a composer and huge metal fan, I just create and do not follow trends or copy the works, which gave me best credits, if you know what I mean. Fans decide if they like our actual works or not. However, I am a metal freak and I feel no fun in “defining a wheel again.” I’d rather master a style we follow for years than unnatural push myself to do something new. You never make a revolution in music unless it is a natural flow, which comes from emotions…”


Finally, it’s the first tour in two years, right? I believe these tours will be like introducing new songs on stage. How does the band feel about quitting online and coming back to real-life shows? “… Actually, we were not totally grounded for last two years, though. Vader was still able to play 50 shows in 2020 and over 30 in 2021, so we were not that much “frozen”. However, we usually play 100 shows in a year on average, and that made last [two] years kind of crap indeed. We are really hungry for touring and playing some fresh sets, so coming shows are definitely more than welcome.


It’s great that you re-issued De Profundis on vinyl. Why this particular album, and who came up with this idea? Nostalgia or marketing strategy? “… These days, nostalgia connects pretty much to a strategy, I think. Lockdown forced fans to focus so much more to the music itself. Collecting is so much fun again! That helps bands, especially in those bad days, when there are no regular shows and tours. De Profundis, however, was never released as LP. Before and even last CD editions were released quite long time ago, and even prices on eBay became ridiculous high. I am so happy that Nuclear Blast decided to release the title, because that always guarantees a quality and proper number of edition. The reedition was more than very welcome by fans and collectors, and the whole release was sold out quickly. We will follow the idea and we’ll release Vader 3rd album Black to the Blind this year together with Nuclear Blast again. There is 25th anniversary in 2022. De Profundis, since it was released in 1996, became one of most favorite VADER albums for fans. It was a very important and crucial album for our band and songs like “Silent Empire,” “Sothis” or “Blood of Kingu” were a part of “classic set” in almost each Vader show. However, many titles were performed very rarely for years, and such re-edition is always good reason to bring back some old tunes on stage.


Are you guys planning to include America in VADER future tours? What are your recollections of past US tours? “… We came back to US with really great tour in February 2020 after a quite long absence and that was so amazing! That was probably the last tour made in US before pandemic hit the world badly. Vader was after recording of EP Thy Messenger but before new album release. We planned to come back to US with Solitude in Madness in January 2021, but it was in vain. All was cancelled and we still have problems to choose the dates.  There was a plan to do a tour in April 2022 combining the new album with De Profundis re-edition. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen. We are still working with Continental agency on new options and will inform as soon as we will know more. Trust me, we miss US, and we will do all we can to come back with real brutal set…”


Thanks so much for your time. Any last thoughts and comments for the VADER fans in this part of the world? We can’t wait to have you guys touring all over the US. “… Fingers crossed! Feels like the world is waking up slowly after Covid slumber, and VADER will bring madness back to the USA as soon as possible. Stay well and metal \m/…”

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