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The idea arose on March 13, 1993 and it was not until July 4th of the same year that the band was formed, with the founders Lázaro Antonio Ceballos: guitarist, vocalist, composer and direction, and Osvaldo Vieites as drummer. At that time we were dedicated to rehearsing hard, in a metal line that ranges from Thrash to Death metal, assembling their own material and testing various guitarists and bassists, finally stabilizing the line-up with Yaroski Corredera on lead guitar and Erich Gómez on bass, giving the first shows with great audience acceptance. In August 1994 we released their first demo “My World Insane”, which was recorded at the Luyano Ulises Home Studios in October 10th. This demo had very good reviews both in Cuba and abroad, being even favorably reviewed by the prestigious American magazine Metal Maniacs, in the super special edition number 6, February 1995. In addition, in September 1995 they appeared in the national newspaper Juventud Rebelde, in the section Caras. Along with this, we began to tour the interior of the country, visiting various provinces such as Camagüey, Matanzas, Pinar del Río, among others. The band is dedicated to assembling new songs in a heavier and more aggressive line, which they include in their second demo “Hate no Fate”, which we finished recording in December 1995 at Tony Carreras' studios at 13 y G, Vedado, Plaza, Ciudad de La Habana, but it is not distributed until April 1996, its impact was even greater than the previous demo. On May 4, 1996, AGONIZER participated in the First National Rock Showcase, held at the most important theater in Cuba, the Karl Marx in Havana City, with very good acceptance by the public present and on May 12, 1996. At the end of 1998 and beginning of 1999 they put together a new repertoire of eight songs, in which they include three more well-known and well-accepted by the audience to round up the debut album. But it was not until mid-2000 that we finished recording the debut album “Bless the Innocence”. We prepared “Bless the Innocence” release in KCT format, which was held on May 12, 2001 at the Municipal Theater of Playa, Havana City, with a small sale of 100 cassettes, those that were sold out before the concert started.

In 2003 the relationships between the musicians after 10 years were affected by personal and musical differences and by the middle of the year the concerts no longer had the same energy as always, in December the band separated and Lázaro and Erich stayed with the difficult task of looking for a new drummer and lead guitar.

In mid-2004 they had already found drummer Daniel Coyula. We tested various guitarists but it was not until early 2005 that we stabilized with guitarist Ludwig, In April 2006 we were forced to change the guitarist for Víctor Feliú due to problems of musical concept, this provided a greater coupling and strength to the band. We quickly began to perform live and to train the new guitarist while preparing the songs for the second album. By the end of the year we left for the group's independent studios and separate from the scene for a whole year. We began in 2009 playing shows at the headquarters of the Cuban Rock Agency, After several months of analysis, we decided to incorporate a new vocalist, who had a different tone to combine and contrast with the leading voice. The group decided to start playing with Alberto Cabal after seeing him on direct with his former band TRAGEDY.

After performing several times with great success we prepared to release second album “Still Alive” in December 2009. We begin 2011 with the organization of the first Death-Thrash Festival led by the band called Agonifest. But at the same time it was the definitive separation from drummer Daniel. We quickly set about the task of looking for a new drummer and after doing several auditions, Alcides joined the band, a young musician with very good talent and, most importantly, a follower of the group. At the end of the tour we enter the studio to record our third CD “Don’t Cross” where we included 10 unreleased songs and songs from their first demos and previous albums but played with the new line-up and, with the new sound of the band. In March 2013, AGONIZER was invited to play at SXSW Fest in Austin, Texas. Also managed to play more shows that same year in Florida. The band ceased to exist that very same year.



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