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Jordan Fontana

“I just like to support my friends in any way I can. Sometimes it can't always be a competition! We should be lifting each other.” ~Jordan Fontana


I could not help but recognize Mr. Fontana and his hard work and dedication to supporting his fellow musicians. I got curious about what drove and influenced him into becoming a positive example to so many. I’m sure I speak volumes for many by saying thank you Jordan for doing the damn deal. Proper and straight up like a boss. Now let’s jump in this Pit!


Jordan “Mamaluke” Fontana


September 22, 1995

Long Island, New York; Eastern Suffolk County

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1. What is your full name? (Jordan “Mamaluke” Fontana) correct?

“Hello, Yes my actual name is Jordon Fontana. The Mamaluke thing is an inside joke due to me and a couple friends of mines love for wrestling haha.”


2. Will you please give me a list your current bands as well as previous ones?

“I have two current original projects. One of them Is called BURRITO BOWEL which I play drums in and the other I can't really speak on too much at the moment but it'll be worth the wait I can assure you! Some bands I used to play in I can't name them all because my memory is not the best haha, but the top 5 I can think of off hand is SNEEZE66, AEGRESCO, AIDS CANNON, CORONARY THROMBOSIS and as of recently it was IMMORTAL SUFFERING.”


3. Developing impacts: who were/are your musical influences.

“Ooof, That's such a broad question for me because I take in a variety of influences but probably two of the most influences to me would probably be New Jerseys, WAKING THE CADAVAR and Nola’s CROWBAR.”


4. Is there anyone at home while you were growing up that inspired you?

“Yes, a good reason why I'm even into music the way I am is thanks to my aunt and my grandfather who used to have CD cases filled with tons of bands but one of the bands that stuck out most of all for me was ALICE IN CHAINS. Got hooked from there.”


5. I notice you are very encouraging about bringing in and working with so many others in the underground with guest appearances/vocals, recording, and performances. Can you tell us where this amenability, zeal, and eagerness stems from?

“Idk, I've never thought about that before to be honest haha. I just like to support my friends in any way I can. Sometimes it can't always be a competition! We should be lifting each other.”


6. What is your fuel for life in general? What drives you to stay motivated?

“My drive for life is my love for helping others and entertainment. If you're happy with my work then I served my purpose.”


7. Aside from vocals, did you have a first instrument? What was it and at what age did you get it?

“Yes, my first instrument was the drums. I got into drums at a very early age probably like 4 years old playing on pots n pans haha,  then I got my first drum set by 7 years old and I've been on and off playing since then. All self-taught for the most part.”


8. When did you first discover your vocal talents?

“I first started learning how to do vocals due to me being in Chorus back in school days. From that I learned all the basics of singing and at this time I was like 12 years old. Also, at this point my music taste was getting more extreme and learning from some friends of mine at the time I was shown WAKING THE CADAVER (My Space days) and I was hooked immediately because the vocals were mind-bending to me haha. I started messing around with the sounds and some friends I used to jam with said I should stick with it and ever since then I've been doing these crazy vocals haha.”

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9. At what age did you start becoming passionate about your future in music?

“I became more serious about my passion probably by the time I was a teenager. The band that really set off that spark was the first band I got to sing for. That band was called AEGRESCO and we used to get opportunities to play with big bands, headlining spots, a couple radio interviews etc but yea that made be like wow, this music thing can actually get somewhere for me.”


10. At what age would you say you hit your prime in your music career?

“To be honest, I don't think I'm anywhere near my prime because I have so much more to learn and accomplish.”


11. Are you involved in any new projects since your departure from Immortal Suffering?

“Yes, I play drums in a Death/Grind band called BURRITO BOWEL and as of recently I started something new with a super group of friends which more details will be released soon.”


12. Can you fill us in on what is new and what we can look forward to? What is next for you?

“Yes, BURRITO BOWEL is recording our first 5 song EP. Hopefully by fall time it'll be ready to be released. That's all I can really share on that.”


13. Can you tell us about your upcoming showcases?

“Yes, BURRITO BOWEL has a show in East Haven, Connecticut next Saturday. I also do fill in work for PYREXIA when I can. My next thing with them is June 8th in Bogota, Colombia headlining Bogota Grind Death Fest along with lots of other things are in the works.”


14. Is your mindset on stage being brought out by a whole enthusiast or is it a character represented accordingly depending on each song?

“I'd say a different character comes out of me. Anyone who's talked to me before knows my whole vibe off stage is very laid back but on stage I just zone out and deliver. Alot of it is definitely flowing with the lyrics and beat.”


15. Is there another music genre you enjoy feeling out or taking in as a form of meditation?

“Aside from heavy music I really enjoy Industrial and Hip Hop. I like anything with feeling behind. It Is your mindset on stage being brought out by a whole enthusiast or is it a character represented depending on each song or band”


16. If I was new to your music, where would you suggest I start getting familiar?

“You could find some of my work on most streaming platforms. If you want to hear my work I did with IMMORTAL SUFFERING, you can stream the EP ‘Extreme Torture’ and you can also check out the CORONARY THROMBOSIS’ demo I did a few years back. That is on YouTube.”


Jordan’s words of encouragement:

“Honestly, what everyone first stepping into this game should understand everything we do is all a learning process. Always come into this with humbleness and never let your ego get the best of you. You should always be willing to learn.”

“Also, learn to avoid other people's drama and keep moving on your way! You'll save a headache, that's for sure! But be genuine, be supportive of your peers, have fun, take your time to perfect your craft/material etc; there's so much to add. haha’”


Thank you Jordan. Stay sikk!


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Interview by Analaura of Eminent Proclivity Promotions. Thanks for reading!

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