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“…FROM THE ABYSS is a Death metal act in Havana, Cuba. We formed in 2015 as a project with members of three bands: Juan Carlos Torrente and Lazaro "Lachy" Rabelo from COMBAT NOISE, Ariel Bustamante and Jorge "Indio" Garcia from CONGREGATION, and Yosenky Ramirez from ABOMINATION REBORN (former RUPTURA).



1.Beyond horror


Let the burning hands embrace you

Let them guide you to the core

Beyond the limits of comprehension

Beyond Horror you will go


The boundaries of madness collapse

Here they twist the chaos at will

where horror is not the last thing you'll see


They scream: "Oh Lord!"

Through horror festers death

they say: "Burn, burn!"

through the countless chambers of death


no one can stand this fear

being dead but still feeling pain

caged, deep into the nether

collapse their mind and soul,

and burn it all!


2. Death always prevail


I am the sickness of the world

I bring the human torment

I take lifes without hesitate  

you are walking to your death


Now, everything turns red

no one can run from me

Now, lose your soul to the emptiness

no one can hide from me


I am always there, counting down

Time is my ally, It never stops

no matter when, no matter how death comes

so use and waste your life now

There is nothing at the end


no one can run from me

God can't save you now

no one can hide from me

our life is meaningless


slowly we rot

suffering after all

death always prevail


There is nothing at the end


no one can run from me

death always prevail

no one can hide from me




3. Our Army Arises


our vengeance begins

full with a fury we advance

from the deepest, we arise

controlling each alive misery



Is my time to twist them all

the hunt begins for our rejoice

our army brings fire from the sky

with hooks and claws, we kill them all



the whole world collapses before my

the humanity bleeds until death

the smell of death spreads

Our Kingdom comes, our kingdom of death


Our Army Arises

Our Army Arises...



4. Your Master



Dead from inside


you can't face,

an overwhelming force


from beneath the darkness,

those whispers emerge


growing the seeds of chaos,

awakening your master


who dares to summon me?

You the broken one


you will suffer my anger,

your life will be denied


Master, spare my life!

I seek for power


your wisdom and domain,

let me follow your path


those who bow to me will live,

show me your devotion


slave under my shadow,

be my sword in this world


Master of your soul

Conquer, under my sight


Lord of chaos, the omniscient


they are rising against you


let me punish them, by your word


show them your darkest force


use my powers as you please


make them slowly bleed


they will suffer my wrath


let them know who rules this world


let them know who rules this world


let them know who rules this world



5. Grim Dawn


They will bring us a grim dawn


Aethereal and Chthonic monsters


They've come from beyond the veil,


forgotten by the three ancient gods



Giant abominations


with thousands of sharp bones


and infected, fetid skin



rotting the lands they take for the swarm


decayed humans that merge in atrocities


for an eternal pain slavery


They will bring us a grim dawn


The crucible of the void

is now ready

for the human blood fest hunt,


vomiting poison everywhere

burning human skin,


Fierce monsters pierce the flesh

as they eat in insanity,


our world corrupts in the eternal chaos


threatening the human existence


they throw us to the pain,

they kill our soul


we are a condemned experiment flesh,

to death we go



6. My Doom


Alone, in this world

my heart, dies so cold


Alone, in this world

my mind blows, and is lost



We bet on Death metal in its purest state. However, we focus more on slow passages and others somewhat melodic. It does not have fast rhythms for the most parts, although it may be a resource in one or another song. We consider that we are still in a stage of exploring and search. We have two albums: "Tales of the Fallen" (2017) and "Ethereal World" (2019) recorded in Deepblast Studio. The second album was only promoted with a live show at the end of 2019. But, once we return to tour and concert circuits, we will continue to play it. The current line-up is Ariel Bustamante (drums), Lazaro "Lachy" Ravelo (bass), and Jorge "Indio" Garcia (director and guitar). We plan to bring Yosenky on guitar since he could not continue with the band due to personal problems and lack of time for rehearsals and concerts. We are in the middle of recording the third album, possibly between ten or eleven songs. There will be even more changes concerning the previous CDs in riffs, voices, dark cuts, and melodic passages. Due to Covid 19 Pandemic, since the beginning of March, crowded activities were suspended, and all shows and venues shutdown. In the future, we want to enter the video clips world. We believe that it fits us a lot because of the surrealist line in our lyrics. Our imagination and creativity is the most powerful tool. Currently, we have videos on the YouTube platform, mostly live concerts and other homemade. We wish all the best to our followers. Our music owes them! Be ready for new material…”



7. Profaned Land


The sacred earth succumbs

Us, the legion, we raze


With torture and death we smash


All life gets lost in the horizon


drying all sacred land


sowing the sin everywhere


with the power in our hands


we horrify the world



This earth dies


and only death will be there



This chant curses this earth


This chant curses this earth


consume those lands


for my legion



Our wrath tempt us devour


no second chance to survive


profaned land evolve into a black abyss


Where my demons kill


Where my legion multiplies




8. A grotesque horror stench




With no name he walks on the night


hiding his faces in the dark


until his victim falls


a body covered with stench rags



a freak of the nature


an abomination of the gods


this world will be his source of life


don't ever turn back

run for your life




A bloody corpse full with stabs


inside a spotted bag in coagulated blood


aside in the infected human pile


with rusty irons he mutilates


smashing and mixing the flesh


while he salivates




searching, in the next town


unaware of the stench they are


massive lynching of flesh has begun


nobody in the town will survive



Oh God save us from this!


We are prey of this nightmare!


don't leave your sons in the hands of the death

We are dying in vain, we are in the hell!



die! die! a grotesque horror stench!




10. Your Nemesis


In front of you I stand,


with my demons of the abyss,


as witnesses till the end,


on a burning flat land,


here, with no rules to fight,


In a rage storm I become


unleashing the madness


around you



your agony reflects my true face


this bloodbath fills my soul


In every place we fight


the surrounding earth dies


without mercy before pain


use your words of blasphemy

as sharp knifes


my inside is a quasar of torments


where nothing can survive



come with the intention to kill


your are just feeding my emptiness


put the world against me


I need this carnage



to survive in our eternal fight


you'll never leave this world,

until I say so


cause I'm your Nemesis



11. Mock the Cross


In the womb

A sea of vomit

Nurturing the false prophet

His mouth of blasphemy

Spreading forth the creed of the infidels

His spit on the flaking emblem of solomon

A schism of confusion

weaken the trinity

Foresee the death of the holy alliance

The Withering corpse of christ


Mock the Cross! Mock the Cross!


Thieving throughout the ages of man

He has come to claim eternal prize

Antichrist of flesh and blood

Overseeing his domain with tender care


The foul taste of deceit

Lingering upon his lips

Fools entranced by divine intellect

Slaved and scorned for eternity

The long awaited rise of the usurper

A new world order taking form

Hordes rejoiced in eternal solstice

Honoring the true kingdom

Possession of the gullible souls

Mass death in the name of the dog


Mock the Cross! Mock the Cross! Mock the Cross!

Mock the Fucking Cross!





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