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Texas death metal

Fort Worth, Texas (2015)


"There’re some solid bands on this year’s AA so I’m mostly pumped to be a part of it as a whole. Everyone’s got to bring it! We damn sure will!!!" ~Brian Wynn


Line up:

Johnny Abila - Vocals

Shane Newbrough - Drums

Jeff Huffman - Bass guitar

Brian Wynn - Guitar


1. When and where was Kill Everything founded and by whom?

Brian - 'Kill Everything began in the fall of 2015, Shane Newbrough and I started jamming in Fort Worth Texas at Shane’s house. Early on we had various homies come in and jam with us, Kevin Clark ex-SINTURY, DEVOURMENT, current TEXAS MURDER CREW. Mike Majewski ex-DEVOURMENT, Weston Wylie ex PRIMORDIOUS, Phil Holand ex PROPHECY, and several other homies through the years. The current KE lineup has been going strong since late 2019. Shane and I have been very fortunate to have such talented friends to jam with!"


2. What genre/sub-genre would you classify yourself as?

Brian - 'Oh that, the genre thing! Haha. I’m not a hairsplitter in genres, there’s too many to count anymore! Haha imo I would just say we are Texas Death Metal. Def Slam heavy sure. But I don’t split hairs. Where I’m from TXDM has always been Slam/Groove/Heavy Breakdown oriented. So, for me… We are TXDM. But I’ve been around since the birth of it all in Texas, so I have a different experience and view than most. That’s my best answer to the question. TXDM!"


3. Can you give me some of KILL EVERYTHING's influences?

Brian - "As a band, four different musicians we all def draw from previous bands we’ve been a part of. Mostly we all have varied tastes, but similar. We all love Death Metal and all things Metal! We all enjoy most styles of music. When we write we mostly try to stay open-minded and try to let the natural flow create itself in our songs. Stay true to who we are. But influences are an endless ocean! Hahaha other than listing every local, national, and international band we love. I will just say all things brutal, all things original. Past and present." 


4. Live and upfront on stage. Headlining for us at The Auditory Annihilation Dos is KILL EVERYTHING!! How wild is this?

Brian - "Fucking pumped!!! Kill Everything will be a live band first and foremost! We love to perform and give our best set possible each time we hit the stage! We love it! We are honored to be a part of AA 'Dos'. Headlining to me doesn’t make you any better than the first act any given night. All the bands together must really pull it in to make the night special for everyone. There’re some solid bands on this year’s AA, so I’m mostly pumped to be a part of it as a whole. Everyone’s got to bring it! We damn sure will!!!"


5. What kind of energy can we expect on stage?

Brian - "Murder."


6. What are some of KILL EVERYTHING's favorite songs to perform on stage?

Brian - "The first to the last. Haha, I enjoy every moment on stage, and I feel the crowd is right there with us enjoying all the songs. I couldn’t pick a personal fav. Each song has its own flavor to me. So yeah… all of them."

7. What cities/venues has  KILL EVERYTHING performed at?

Brian - "Let’s see, Texas abroad for sure. Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi, San Marcos. Oklahoma, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Lots of Fests abroad. Lots of good times always! Just give us a stage! Murder. Dive bars to backyard parties, to big ass venues. We are an equal-opportunity killing machine! Hire us for your next company event or picnic. Murder. Hahaha!"


8. Does KILL EVERYTHING have any future touring plans? If so, how far will the tour reach?

Brian - "You know, over the years we’ve had some good offers with various tour packages, U.S. and abroad. We haven’t been able to sign up for one yet. Mostly time and money! We are all hard-working dads, husbands and have many loved ones who rely on us. Sadly, the Death metal world doesn’t cover the bills for such a thing for us to be able to do. No regrets, we love our lives! But hey… make us an offer! Lol, We would love to! Maybe one day we can pull something off. You never say never. None of us do what we do being in a Death metal band for the money. We do it for love. Tours take time and money, make us an offer! Hahaha, until then, we get out as much as we can, best we are able to schedule for all of us."


9. What are today's key components for a successful split CD release?

Brian - "Good bands plus a good label and distribution is equal happy fans! Everyone involved with the Acts of Sadistic Cruelty Split via Comatose Music. Alexandre Brochu and Miguel Goregrinder Medina really championed all that together for all of us! Solid af!"


10. Can you tell us about KILL EVERYTHING, NECROTIC GOREBEAST, VIRULENT EXCISION, and GOREPOT in Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty: 4 Way Split - CD?

Brian -  ''Buy it! Jam it! Download it! Enjoy it! It’s a good balance between the four bands. Each band has a solid style of their own! It’s a fun Split! Enjoy it!"


11. What's next for you guys?

Brian -"Next? Finish the remaining songs in the studio for our next full-length release! It’s been our main focus this past year. We’ve peeled back from the usual show/fest. We generally make time for this past year to get everything finalized. We are very pumped to be so close to the finish line now and very excited about what we have so far! We have a small handful of dates in the books to close the year for shows. Other than AA. We are trying to keep those dates and not add any more to get the studio work finished. Date tba! Other than that, enjoy every moment we jam together! Murder."


12. What experiences (if any) have you had with The Auditory Annihilation Dos sponsors? How excited are you about performing for your fans, Eminent Proclivity Promotions, and The Auditory Annihilation Dos at the Haltom Theater?

Brian -' Well, hopefully, we don’t owe any of them child support or lunch money, I hear they’re all pretty tough! Is orgasm a good analogy? If everyone shows up naked and starts a big fistfight, we will have a front-row view from the stage! Now that’s a show! Bring it! Murder."


13. Any words of encouragement for others coming into all metal communities?

Brian -'Do what you love. Fuck what anyone says or thinks. Be your own band or person. You’re your own dreams happen! Enjoy every moment! Murder."

14. How about your fans?

Brian - "Fans! Now that’s a concept! Shit, anyone who has ever enjoyed our music, came to support, and lose their shit with us, I am your fan! Thank you so much! For me, live on stage is the epitome of being in a band! Us for the crowd! The crowd for us! No matter the crowd large or small, this is our moment! We better make it stick! The very first time I hit the stage, 20 years old, Deep Elum in downtown Dallas for a band, me and two other homies just started called DEVOURMENT. We had two songs and we played them over and over for 30 minutes Haha!

I have had nothing but love and support to this day! I am forever humbled and grateful! I am your fan! Thank you, truly."


"My final thoughts...


Thank you, Analaura for AA! and all that you do for the music you love and support in the DFW scene!" Murder. ~ Brian Wynn



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