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…We are from Havana Cuba. We formed in September 15, 2004. The current line-up is Maykel Belette Dueñas (direction, lead guitar and main voice), Alberto Daniel Montalvo Pérez (second guitar, SWITCH), Misael Hidalgo Cala (bass and backing vocals, ALBATROS) and Raidel Expósito García (drums ALBATROS).
We recorded our first two track demo in 2005 “Between Heaven, Dreams and Abyss”, album “Nemesis” in 2007, CD “Icons” in 2012,  second Demo 2015 (versions) “Against” and “Life and Destiny” in 2021…”

“…Our last album was released in July 2021. “Life and Destiny” is Heavy Metal with Progressive influences, small influences from Grunge, Thrash and Death, Core Metal, in essence it is pure Heavy Metal, the rest is just to strengthen and make it sound like a good Metal band. It is what ODISEA needed, many years ago I know that I should have taken this path, but it is never too late and nothing is in vain….”

Is it still an odyssey to make rock or metal in Cuba? What do you believe???? Everything that is done in this country is with much sacrifice and well suffered. I say that the fact of doing Rock in this country. IT IS MORE THAN WORTH TO ADMIRATION AND RESPECT. I will not go into details that we all know. But if I affirm it, it is an "ODYSSEY" to be a musician, rocker and do anything in Cuba.

How would you describe the Cuban scene currently? I'm going to start with the capital (Havana) Very poor in 2019 before the Covid arrived in Cuba, there was very little public attendance at the Maxim, I would say that since the Patio de María (rock venue) closed, which was a place, who played Play without any resources was filled with heat hardly without lights and with audio (bright light). I am very clear that in the whole world inserting into the music industry is not easy at all, but all the means and resources are available, it does not matter if you are a professional musician, or do it for pure entertainment. In Cuba to do Rock or Metal or anything you have to be willing, or you have to have them well placed. In the Rock-Metal scene you have to wait for the spaces to be retaken, I tell you, they are not many and for Metal they are very scarce. In addition, the public in Havana is not very supportive of National Rock, for example, little attendance at concerts as I mentioned earlier, but there is a Brutal Fest and it fills up and even closes due to capacity. So you wonder why the provincial public if they attend the concerts and that they have less resources than we do in Havana and why do they continue and even thank for having the opportunity to see the national bands live. I think we have to work more with that, but something curious also happens! Because you can't put all the blame on the public in Havana either. The gastronomic offer is not attractive and now as soon as everything reopens, you have to see the price issue, because in Cuba the prices of TODOOOO are well inflated and the offer is scarce and the majority of the public that attends the concerts are students and middle-class workers low and low. As for the bands, you have to stop to listen to the new proposals of many groups, because there are very good things out there, which we are already having the opportunity to see on social networks. And it is time to stop waiting for national institutions to support us, which in this system will not happen, nor will it happen. It has been shown and will continue to show that ROCK is a thorn in their throats and here what you have to do is spend the megabytes and show our music to the world, so that the world knows and knows that GOOD ROCK is also made in Cuba and Excellent METAL.

And the one in Havana particular? The difference in the Havana scene is that it is very demanding. We are in the age of the Internet that, although we are late, the public has access to it and makes comparisons. Another thing the generations change, the slopes or styles within Metal too. To that, add that the concert ticket is charged even a somewhat high price, which increases the level of demand, so on the contrary, there are not the resources in Cuba to do a concert as it should be, add that the bar has few offers for sell at high prices. What remains to be done? You have to offer a concert to that audience with force, you have to throw it on stage as it should be "The show must go on". Because one, even if one wants to put a group that they don't like through their eyes, or play the same repertoire, people will not attend the concerts. So this is when I say that the public in Havana is particular, because there are more options when it comes to going out, even if it is going to burn, or to sit in the park of G and 23 every weekend.

Do you feel that it is advanced on the national scene or do you see a setback in these last times? If we talk about advancing in the national scene due to the quality of the bands, yes, Rock in Cuba evolves more and more with respect to music. Now if you talk to me about the support of the media and if the mentalities of the institutions continue to hinder the work of the groups with their BUREAUCRATIC laws of the famous professional endorsement, which hinder when looking for musicians to work, delays in the payments of the activities, loss of time in auditions of the artistic companies, when the auditions are made by the one who is going to hire you to work, as long as these parasitic companies exist, then if I tell you that there is not, nor will there be evolution, nor development it will not help to strengthen the Rock movement on the Island.

What about the experience of recording the last album in Deepblast? Wow! I like this question because it is very positive. Excellent recording studio, I recommend it to all bands in the country. Not only with my album, with several recordings, that Jorge Indio García has worked for several bands have very good quality, the sound of my album, for example; It is what I have been looking for in years for my band and I found that clear, clean sound in Deepblast studio, in addition to the contribution of ideas and the good work that Indio did with me in the production of the album. Excellent work, I found, it is the ideal studio to record.

The sea and death sometimes is the only way out of many Cubans. How the above is related to life and destiny? The issue of emigration is something that touches the vast majority of Cubans closely, unfortunately many friends, relatives, couples, leave for a special reason "The economy" which is to make their way and help relatives that we are still here, embarked and suffocated. And if. I put Life and Destiny on this album in memory of all those who have lost their lives looking for a better future, towards the freedom to choose and fight, something that in Cuba is very difficult and practically impossible to achieve, parts of it came from of many letters and the name of the Disc.

What is the band doing at this moment? The band is preparing an upcoming promo video that will soon be released on social networks, preparing us with the songs from the Album for when the concerts begin, launching the album throughout the country, I say if after this interview they do not censor me jajajajajajaja.

What will the band have in mind for the next months? To continue promoting this new album, I am already preparing new material for a new recording and not stopping over everything.

Declaration (some words for followers) Thank you to all the friends who follow us on our odiseacubanband Facebook page and I hope to see you all at our concerts, both here and there when everything returns to normal.


You can also follow us on our links:;fi=v-q_QexLCUm5g

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