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Texas has lots of interesting acts under the ground and Scriptorium Magazine is more than willing to unbury them. LUCIFER INVICTUS recreated an impious combination of black and death metal, linked to the immense satisfaction of getting social hypocrisy denounced. They have been on this tormented road for three years and they are about to release a debut recording, but let’s see what Terry “Nero” Burleson, bass player, has to say about it.


It’s almost summertime in Texas and temperatures are starting to go high, a real taste of Hell on Earth. What’s the band getting ready for, maybe Auditory Annihilation Dos show?

Nero: We are currently working on new material, with heavy influence from GORGOROTH and BELPHEGOR. Some of our members are getting ready to do tours with other bands they are associated with. 


LUCIFER INVICTUS clearly is a declaration of love to Satan. How’s this devotion represented within the band?

We have an eclectic range of beliefs through our upbringing and current life circumstances. We have also been suggested to sacrifice a goat on stage before as well. But religious beliefs are left at the door. This is about the music. We all enjoy making the music we have created and are about to create. The world is diverse, just like our bandmates, but we coincide with each other and make this beautiful thing of blackened death metal work.


Last time we spoke, you guys were thinking of putting out a recording, a sort of demo, or an EP. Has any of this come to life yet?

We have recorded and mastered all six of our songs, thank you to our brother, Russell Hollar. We are currently looking for labels to release our music with. We are excited to release our music to the fans, and they keep asking us the same question. Hopefully, before the end of the year, it will be released digitally and on CD with an awesome label.


The band has recovered from a huge loss and tragedy, and I am glad you didn’t put LUCIFER INVICTUS to rest. How did you guys get into the agreement of continuing with it?

When our friend and guitarist, Alfonte “Sanguinum Nocturnus” Cooks, passed away, we stopped everything for about a month or two. We took a hiatus, to figure out if we should continue or not. We decided to continue because we believed that Alfonte would have wanted us to. We had the memorial show in June of 2022 for him and people seemed to want for us to continue; not only for his legacy, but Alfonte had a lot of fun with the band and wanted to see it succeed. So, in honor of our brother, we will continue, and this first EP will be dedicated in his name, Sanguinum Nocturnus.

The band’s merch is impious, and it shows a strong criticism towards society. Why do you guys think that there’s no hate like Christian love?

The Christian community wants to believe that they are here to spread love, for everyone. You can’t spread love to every individual if you are going to be a hateful person. As I said earlier, the world is diverse with religions. Everybody has an opinion and beliefs; just because you don’t like someone’s ideas or beliefs, doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to shame the beliefs or lifestyles of others. The woman in blue in our viral video/shirt was a prime example of this. Black metal and the Christian community have butted heads for a few decades now, and yet, there are still people in the Christian community who think they are higher than everyone and think they are a Demigod. So, to those individuals, our song, Blood Moon Ritual, Heathenistic Flame, is a dedication.


What are your thoughts on the local shows in Fort Worth? What comes to your mind every time there’s a killer local show line-up and poor metalhead attendance?

I think there have been a lot of great local shows happening in the DFW area in general. The lack of attendance at some shows does get irritating sometimes, but everyone has lives that they live and can’t make it to every single show. You can promote a show for so long and wish for the best. Even to the bands who don’t have a crowd; just play your hearts out like the place is packed full.


What’s the band currently involved with? Any plans for the upcoming months?

Nero: We are currently waiting to hear from a promoter for a show in October in Houston around the 28th. I believe Marco “Moloch” Reyes is going to be going on a tour with I AM DESTRUCTION in Europe this summer and is going to visit Japan. Our drummer, Robbie “Shrapnel” Robinett, just became the new drummer for PASS THE AMMUNITION. Besides working on newer material, we are playing it by ear.


The last words for those who worship Lucifer and for those who never acknowledge his invincibility.

Do what thou wilt.

By: Alex Sanchez

photos: Band's courtesy

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