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Austin Black metal maniacs BRUKA are sharping the swords to slaughter those who dare to attend A Night of Texas Hell Show. Also. The four-piece is crafting new songs to deliver a new recording any time soon. Val Rozar, the guitarist, answered our call to give us more details about the upcoming show, the new material and how far the band has been spreading the Black Plague.


Way to go on the fact that metalheads have been streaming BRÜKA'S ’s music in 50 countries. I am glad that the band is getting bigger and getting more exposure. What’s your take on it? “… Music is a universal language, and metal is the voice of the underground. It has the power to unite and empower us. We are honored to get to share our music with so many different people from all over the world. It's both reassuring and humbling to know so many people are listening and even sharing our music…” 


Who came up with the idea of A Night of Texas Hell show? Will it be a one-time thing, or will there be more nights like this one? “… We called our BRÜKA debut show the Night of Texas Hell and got support from our Texas underground brothers; PANTEON, TRIACANTHOS, KLEAVER, WINTERS MIST and DEMONIC KNIGHTS. After it was over, I started to receive so many requests to do another TXBM fest, so I did in 2023. This year's NOTH Fest has a stacked line up of great bands including BRÜKA, WHORE OF BETHLEHEM, PANTEON (Brownsville), WYRM CHASM (Dallas), TEMPLE OV AHRIMAN, and PECCATORUM (Houston). This year's hostess is the very talented Foxxy Lane LeFevre. DJ Devilwoman will be spinning all night between bands and after. We've gotten so much support from local sponsors, Come And Take It Live, KLBJ's No Control Radio, Scriptorium Magazine, ATX Metal Podcast, Robb's Metal Works, and Red River Family Records. Honestly, this year’s lineup filled up so fast, and there were so many bands that we didn't get a chance to have on. At this point I feel like NOTH Fest is only going to keep getting bigger because of all the great TXBM bands who play and the fans who keep coming out…” 


We are all excited to see BRÜKA on the cover of Death metal zine. Do you feel that Texan metalheads had a big influence on that voting or was it more an international thing? “… Absolutely. Texas metalheads made a huge impact on the results, and there was plenty of international support as well. It was an honor just to be selected for the opportunity. Every band on that list has great music and we're all working hard to earn these kinds of accolades. And of course, it’s an amazing feeling to get voted onto the cover of a respected underground print by our friends and fans. Death Metal Zine has been supporting underground musicians for over a decade now, currently on approach of his 50th issue. Printed press most certainly is not dead. Here in Texas, no-one supports TXBM like Scriptorium Magazine, making it an unofficial voice of our community. And with its international reach, the guys at Scriptorium are doing more for musicians and fans than themselves with every issue…”  


How would you describe local subterranean shows in Austin? “… Austin has a pretty good underground scene. Lots of amazing bands like DEATH FILE RED, BLACK HORSE OF FAMINE, and ORODRIM keep the underground flames alive and burning. And of course, none of it would be possible without Cello at The Lost Well, and Dustin at Valhalla. Austin would not have an underground scene without them. Dustin is the reason you can catch underground metal when you walk down Red River. His fight to keep metal downtown on Red River is critical to the underground music scene. And The Lost Well is the unofficial home base to our underground scene. Some of the best damn bars, and nicest metalheads you'll ever meet…” 


What’s the band currently doing these days? “… Well, we have been working at our BRÜKA home studio, The House Of Razors, to record our full length, and the experience has been great so far. We have unlimited flexibility to create our art at our own discretion. Having a month to track drums instead of 3 days makes a huge difference when we are trying to capture specific attitudes and energies. While we're working on the new BRÜKA album, our brothers from Dallas, WYRM CHASM started tracking their upcoming album at The House of Razors as well. I feel like 2024 is going to be a big year for TXBM and BRÜKA…” 


Are you guys ready for this show? What’s BRÜKA bringing to this show setlist wise? “… We are def ready for NOTH Fest. We are currently in the studio perfecting our new album so we can't wait to bring all our newest material to our fans. The setlist should include everything from the upcoming album, the music everyone is familiar with from the demo and Plague Tempest EP, plus plenty of new music.


I believe it’s time for a new recording. Are you guys working on putting out new music in 2024? “… You know it. We've been working on Death's Promise since 2021. To be able to finally see all the pieces coming together after so much effort and sacrifice gives meaning to our journey. The support and demand for us to finish this album from our local Austin underground bm family, to the international Black metal brotherhood of the world, fuels our desire to push our abilities to their limits, and overcome obstacles to create a masterpiece…” 

What can you comment on the band’s lineup for this show? Are Satan and his associates invited as well, haha? “.. Our current lineup is the four original founding BRÜKA members; Misery on vocals, Val Rozar on guitar, Oko on Bass, and Von Hammerblast on drums. We've all been working hard together to finish the album, and we're ready to perform it the way it's recorded, with fury and passion. And come, please. All are welcome. Show starts when the sun goes down so all our friends may remain in their respected shadows. 


What else can you tell the Texan metalheads about A Night of Texas Hell? Why can’t anyone miss it? “… A Night of Texas Hell is what it says it is; A Night Of Texas Hell. All these bands are rising, and the top of their game. Texas Hell means to start strong so we got one of the heaviest hitting Texas black metal bands out of Houston, one that could start a fire when the sun goes down. For those who don’t know of PECCATORUM, they could be headlining, but after all, this entire night will be Hell. After them, TEMPLE OV AHRIMAN features members of TRIACANTHOS, and DEATH FILE RED. They have been playing all over Austin the past few years and have really made a name for themselves in the black metal community. I'm proud to bring you WYRM CHASM from Dallas. Their music is truly a privilege to get to experience, and maybe even the final calm before Black Thrash takes over. The Kings of Black Metal in the RGV, PANTEON, have been active since 1988. It's an honor to have them playing by our side since we debuted at the first NOTH. To keep the fires of Texas Hell burning, NOTH brings you one of Austin's heaviest hitting death and black metal bands, WHORE OF BETHLEHEM. And as if that's all not enough on its own, it wouldn't be Texas Hell without the Texas black metal demons, BRÜKA. If that's not truly a Night of Texas Hell, I don't know what is. But wait there's more... whenever the bands are not playing, DJ Devilwoman will be spinning some the best Black metal records over Come And Take It Lives amazing sound system. And this year, the hostess will be Foxxy Lane LeFevre from LeFevre Traveling Cabaret. I could not have put this together without the Texas Metal Community. Every year NOTH just keeps getting bigger. I couldn't be more proud with its success, but it's not just mine. Night of Texas Hell belongs to all the TXBM bands, and all the metalheads who keep coming back and bringing Texas Hell with them…”


Thanks for your time. Could you state more plans you have in mind for 2024 and some more comments for BRUKA’s followers? “… As always, thank you. We do this in honor of those who make us possible. I can't give away any of my plans for next year at this time, but I am confident there will be plenty to behold as our black flames burn. BRÜKA is a consuming fire…”  

A Night of Texas Hell Show

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