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PYREXIA is one of those Death metal acts that need no introduction to the audience. They will be touring Texas next month and Houston, San Antonio and Corpus Christi will be the chosen cities. The NY four-piece will be sharing the stage with IMMORTAL SUFFERING, CHEESE GRATER MASTURBATION and many more Texan extreme acts. Chris Basile, guitarist, talks about his devotion for Lone Star State, the new album and this short run. 

Are you guys Yankees or Mets fans? “… Haha! Yankees..."

I heard in a podcast that you were about to become a Texas resident. How was it? What stopped you from doing that? “… I love Texas. Every time I go there, I honestly think about moving there. I love the people. Texas women are like no other. Not nearly as expensive to live in as NY. I just never pulled the trigger..." 

You have gone through different times since 1990. When you look back in time is it ok to say that PYREXIA is living in the best moment, or the good old days were better? “… By far the best moment is now. We sound our best and tour constantly. As a kid I had no idea this music had any worth. I was literally kicked out of my house for being in this band. Those days were tough times for me. Things right now are beautiful…” 

Why did you decide to re-record System of the Animal 25? “… As with all our production up until I started going to Demi god. I wasn't happy with it. I feel production is critical in getting the song across the way it was written. At least for me. I'm sure there's people that like the original, but I did it for my own ears just as much as others. Having our own studio helps…”


How many shows are you playing in this upcoming Texan run? What are your expectations with this tour? “… This is a quick three show hit and run. I fully expect great crowds. Loud music with great support acts, and some of the best fans in Death Metal…” 

What’d be the setlist for this Texan run. Are you playing the new release plus some good oldies? “…We usually mix it up. Nothing really set in stone. But definitely, something from every release…”


In what State or States in the USA, do you feel that your music is more acclaimed, appreciated or understood?  “… Texas lol. California is pretty sick. It's really hard to say. There's pockets of diehards all over the country to be honest…” 


Are you going to promote System of the Animal 25 some more time on tours or do you already have new songs for a new album? Will the new compositions be written in that direction? “… We spent the summer going pretty hard with System. We will continue to push that release to the end of the year. But we're already working on an early 2024 release…”  

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I confess I never heard of System of the Animal back when it was released. Is the intro in “Confrontation” the original one? What’s your take on it?  “… Yes, it’s the original one. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of hate in the world as there was 25 years ago…” 


When I hear the name PYREXIA and some other bands from that time that are still playing and putting out records, the words commitment and perseverance come to my mind. Why haven’t you quit and sent everything to hell and refuge in the family mantle? “… I think that would look pretty soft to my daughter. I teach her to stay true to her dreams. Follow through on what you start and do something you love with your life. I think she can use my path as an example of how to never give up and always be true to yourself…” 

See you here in Houston! And thanks for re-recording System of the Animal 25. I think it will become one of my fave band’s albums, but Sermon of Mockery is still first, haha. I just wanted to tell you that and congratulate the band on it. Killer! What else do you have in mind for the end of the year or next year? “… Thank you brother for the kind words and the interview! We have one last Holiday show in December then we go underground for the winter. See you in Houston…"

PYREXIA is a very familiar act for Texan metalheads. What are your words for those attending these shows? “… I miss my Texas brothers and sisters. Come out to these shows and let's mix it up Texas style! Appreciated…”

By Alex Sanchez

photos: Band's courtesy

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