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COPROLALIA is one of those Brutal Death metal bands you can’t forget once you see it live. They have one purpose in music and it’s to go against dogmas and censorship. “Offensive Brutality” is their debut album, and the release party will be this Friday, February 3rd at the Haltom Theater in Fort Worth. The four-piece will be sharing the stage with acts like ASPHYXIATION INFECTA, CENTER OF DISEASE, TYRANNICAL DECEPTION, and POON TICKLER. Vile Tapes from Russia is releasing the album, but they also have it for the USA on Big Cartel. This interview is our tribute to this band, you all need to go and check them out if you haven’t. Trust me, you won’t regret it. We thank Colby Rodgers, vocalist, for his quick response and have fun digging into it.

Congrats on the killer debut album! “Offensive Brutality” is on all digital platforms. What about the turnout so far? Any criticism to take into consideration? “…The reception has been mostly positive. People love these songs live and that has translated well to the recordings…”


Why releasing “Offensive Brutality” so far away from Texas? How is it going with Vile Tapes Records so far? “…Well, we didn’t really release it far, we just released it with support from a label that happens to operate out of Russia. Vile Tapes Records is a quickly growing label, featuring bands like Peeling Flesh, and have given us great support on this journey. When they took interest after watching one of our live videos, we couldn’t say no…” 


You are preparing the official “Offensive Brutality” release on February 3rd at the Haltom Theater in Fort Worth. Could you give us an advance of what will be happening that night? “…We will be headlining a lineup that includes POON TICKLER (out of Las Vegas- so very excited to have them on the bill) CENTER OF DISEASE, TYRANNICAL DECEPTION, and APSHYXIATION INFECTA (their possible last show). We will be playing the album in its entirety, and it will be the first show with our official album merch, including CDs, digipacks, tapes, and shirts…” 

Does “Offensive Brutality” describe your intentions and attitude? What’s the most offensive aspect of COPROLALIA? Is it the band’s name? “…It describes our intentions to fight against censorship, against being overly sensitive, against the watering down of the extreme nature of metal- against the watering down of practically all entertainment to keep everything safe. Hopefully, everything about the band is offensive…” 


Colby, in COPROLALIA and other bands we see you as a singer instead of a drummer. Which instrument do you enjoy the most? Which came first, the drums or the mic? “…I was a drummer first. Then I switched to vocals in Asylum around 2012 and never looked back. I love being a frontman. The energy cannot be replicated…”


What’s the band doing at this moment and what’s in mind besides the album release show at the Haltom Theater? “…We have been working in our new bassist, teaching him all the old material. Now we are writing new material. We hope to have a mother EP out in 2023...” 


It’s always a pleasure Colby. It’s great to have COPROLALIA on our pages again. Any more brutal and offensive words for the followers and our readers? “…Keep the extremity in metal! 

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There is a new face in the band if I go back to Wake of Winter Fest in San Marcos 2021. Your previous bass player gave COPROLALIA a unique performance on stage. Is it different now? “…Kaleb left to focus on other life endeavors, and we wish him all the best. His stage presence can never be replicated, but our new bassist Andrew Lewis is a truly talented shredder on his instrument and is as dedicated as they come. We are excited to have him aboard…” 


Is this the same lineup that recorded “Offensive Brutality”? Did you go to any studio to record it? “…Kaleb recorded on the CD. We recorded with Sam Paquette at S.A.M. Recording Studios. We had some obstacles like COVID and personal issues that extended this process and forced us to put a couple less tracks than we wanted, but we are happy with the product...” 


Why does a sector of society bring back and revive certain negative characters in history like Netflix did with Jeffrey Dahmer recently, and you guys bring back Ted Bundy in one of your songs? How would you think a direct victim, or a family member react to this? “…That is because many people have a morbid fascination with extreme characters like these men. And we are no exception in this band. We like a certain “shock” factor to our titles and lyrics. Bundy is a great medium for this. While we empathize with victims and such, if we abstained from writing about anything that could affect certain people adversely emotionally, we wouldn’t be able to write about anything…”  


COPROLALIA "Fucking in the name of Bundy"

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