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Dallas Toler Wade and NARCOTIC WASTELAND remind me of Chuck Schuldiner and DEATH in many aspects. The musical compositions are very interesting and diverse, complex yet simple, and they are monumental and basic at times. The message is optimistic but full of harsh criticism. It manages to balance the dark and evil sides of life with the strong will to live in this hell on Earth. The band's music is mature and powerful, and the upcoming album, I am pretty sure, will be a sum of all the above. The South Carolina four-piece has been leaving traces of singles along the way, so you can have an idea of what’s coming ahead. But let’s see what Dallas Toler, guitarist and vocalist, has to say about it.

At the beginning of NARCOTIC WASTELAND, you felt that you were starting over, or was it a continuation of postponed dreams and unfinished goals?

D.T.W: None of those actually. NARCOTIC WASTELAND in the beginning was simply musical ideas that were more like the music I wrote before joining NILE.


NARCOTIC WASTELAND did a lot of shows and touring last year. When it comes to gigs what are the best and worst parts nowadays?

D.T.W: Honestly for me touring is great. The hardest part for me is not getting regular sleep and irregular diet. On occasion, you have to deal with a less-than-desirable human, but that is just part of life.

The US tour with ACCEPT finished last October and we’d like to have your review of this tour. How did these two bands, different in terms of genres, end up together in this run? 

D.T.W: I think it was awesome and for the most part, very well received. A lot of the people that are into metal like multiple styles of it. Of course, you are going to have complaints, especially in metal nowadays. I like anything from ACCEPT to SUFFOCATION and everything in between. I remember going to shows as a kid and the bands being very different sounding from each other. I think that makes for a way more entertaining show than putting two or more of the same type of bands on a bill. To me, that is extremely boring.  

How did the tour with ACCEPT go if you compare it with the 30’s years of MALEVOLENT CREATION’s “Retribution” one?

D.T.W: Absolutely no comparison. The ACCEPT tour was better in every aspect. ACCEPT and the crew were one of the most professional bands I have ever had the pleasure of touring with, and I have toured with some good people and heavy hitters in my time. And of course, the attendance was way better on the ACCEPT tour. Not to get into details but the MALEVOLENT CREATION tour was a huge disappointment in my opinion.   


I read in an interview that the new record is almost done, and you were expecting it to be released early this year by Mega Force. Is the new album imminent to be released? Does it have a title yet?

D.T.W: The new album is complete!!! We just need to finish recording and mixing everything. We have a title, but we are not ready to reveal it yet!! We plan to release one more single before we do the full album. 


There’s no doubt one of the most anticipated albums this year will be yours, especially after the three singles that you have been releasing. Will they be included in the next album? Could you be a spoiler and talk to all of us more about it?

D.T.W: Yes, the singles will be on the album as well. It's going to be a pretty long album! The past two years especially because I just keep writing now. Before there would be kind of a cutoff or break. Now I just record any idea instantly, so the overall productivity is increasing for me.  

Do you have a release date already? What are the plans after this release? A headliner tour maybe?

D.T.W: We don't have a release date set in stone just yet, but we should know very soon. We have some tour dates later in the year in the US and Canada.


As human beings grow up and get experienced views and perspectives change toward a positive message. Is the second album “Delirium Tremens” an example of the above? What about the textual inclinations of the new album?

D.T.W: I guess it could be. For me, “Delirium Tremens” was about all the nasty things in life, including my own personal struggles with alcohol, rage, toxic people, and death. I think lots of other people could relate to it. As far as the new album is concerned the lyrics are even more so on the observational side of things and less reflective. This band has always been a great way for me to just get things off my chest and speak my mind. 

Dallas, we appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions. I really believe this will also be a great year for NARCOTIC WASTELAND, especially after you guys release the third album. Best wishes and keep up the good work.

D.T.W: Thank you for taking the time to send me some questions!!!! We are going to give it everything we got! Put the foot through the firewall!! Thanks again!


Any last words for our readers, for the old followers and the new ones you met along the road…

D.T.W: Just thanks to all of you that support metal!!!! You don't even have to like what I do but thanks anyways for supporting what I consider to be the best musical form in the world. 

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