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“…SEX BY MANIPULATION was formed in June 2015 in Camaguey, Cuba. We move around diverse styles such as grindcore, brutal death, death metal, hardcore, punk, black metal, and thrash. The current line-up is made up of Carlos Alvarez (vocal), Robin Valera (guitar), Daniel "Machine" (drums), and Yoghenrry (bass). We have two recordings to date: "Sweet Virgin", demo 2016, and "Submission", our first full album in 2020. We are recording an Ep now, which will be released in January 2021. We recently finished recording the guitar, bass, and drums tracks. We only have to record the voice and mix it. The recording consists of 7 songs, some of them from the band's early stage. We will also include arrangements by the new guitarist, as well as live cuts. Our most immediate plan is to record our first video clip. Greetings to that great brotherhood of metalheads all over the world. Greetings to our family, friends, followers, and fans. We wish this pandemic comes to an end so that we can return to our concerts, festivals, to our lifestyle that we defend and love so much. A big hug from Camagüey Cuba. Horns up metalheads!...”



After four years of releasing their first demo in 2016, the grindcore of Sex By Manipulation gives us new material. This time, it is their first album entitled "Submission". The material is composed of 7 songs. Sex By Manipulation has been characterized by its themed lyrics primarily or wholly based on sex. Although the songs do not last three minutes, except for "Weaker Gender" and "Submission", we find a direct Grindcore with sounds of variant guitars and rhythms that pick up from other aspects of metal such as Death, Thrash, and even Punk. It gives that underground touch to each musical theme. Also unique are the guttural voice and the crunchy choruses that accompany well the drums and guitars. And this is another example within the music of Sex By Manipulation in this new material. This time, the voice of Carlos Alvares has more diversifications, as he is a vocalist who comes from other bands and has been "polishing" his vocal register. Luis Daniel Batista (Machine) on drums and Yoghenrry Bourricaudy on bass are the band's founders, both with extensive musical experience, and the newest addition is guitarist Luis Alberto Peláez Deulofeu. From the city of Camagüey, the band maintains those lyrics that have always characterized them, and this is demonstrated by songs such as "She Came", "Sex by Manipulation", "Sweet Virgin", "Prostitution", and "Penetrate". And this theme is captured on its cover, and artwork made by the artist Orlando Feris Ramírez. We are facing their first album, and it really is not bad at all, some details can be improved for the next thing to come, but with this band, I assure you that extreme music will always continue to expand.

Omar Vega (Subtle Death Magazine)

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