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SPELL OF NIRITI is a band with an evil approach to Deathcore. This act came to exist in San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, in 2018. They have been struggling with lineup changes, but Ivan Niriti, the vocalist, has managed to keep up working hard and non-stop over these years. Perseverance would be the right word to describe the band’s path.  and due to this, they are about to release their second album. We sent a questionnaire to Ivan, and this is what he commented on the band’s early days: “… I started this idea myself, since I didn't have musicians at the time, I just started writing the drums and I called a couple of friends to compose some riffs, and although they were never part of the project, they helped me a lot releasing the band’s first single. It has been quite a difficult path to find dedicated and focused musicians to work on this project, but gradually, very good elements have been added to the lineup, and I think, that I feel very happy with everyone's performance now…”

If you go and listen to the latest single “the Rebirth” on YouTube, you will notice that they stand out from the flock. It’s not the typical Deathcore act copy and pasting riffs from their idols. They managed to put elements of their own, even since the first album “Watch Under your Bed” in 2021. Ivan describes it like this: “… Although the first album was a mix between various genres and using Deathcore as a base, we have found out our own way and we are re-directing it towards Blackened/Death metal. I think this type of heavy genre is a way of channeling the negative aspects of my day to day and transforming them into something positive. It’s like going to the psychologist to me. SPELL OF NIRITI is a band that talks about very varied topics, mainly science fiction, horror, real life cases related to murders and paranormal topics, and at the same time, we try to adapt those topics to satanism, because yes, we love Satan…”


Mexico is a land of notable metal acts like LEPROSY, LUZBEL, TRANSMETAL, THE CHASM, CENOTAPH, ARGENTUM, and a long etcetera. Nowadays, listening to what’s coming from this country has become a pending assignment for me. Let’s start opening that door into the unknown with SPELL OF NIRITI and let’s hear what Ivan had to say about his metal scene: “…  Although nowadays my musical tastes tend more towards modern metal, the old-school scene will always have my respect. Thanks to those old glories, many bands are making music today. Of course, I grew up listening to Nu Metal when I was little. I imagined myself in a music video, doing the same as my favorite artists of the time. Nowadays, there’s a lot of envy on the national scene. There isn't much real support between bands. I can understand everyone wants a piece of the pie, but I think if we really cut the bullshit and collaborate more with each other as musicians, we could achieve something excellent as a national scene…”


As I mentioned before, there’s a new album coming up, but let’s leave Ivan to be a little bit of a spoiler and to talk about the member’s commitment to the band: “… We are about to release our second full-length album titled The Fall of A Dogma, which will have seven new songs and it will also include our new single “The Rebirth”. You can already find the official video on YouTube. If I were to be a spoiler about the new album, I’d say that it is full of darkness and rage. I can’t speak for all the members, but as long as I breathe, the project will keep going and producing new music. The best characteristics to describe the band’s members and their involvement in the band is that they are committed to every aspect, both in composition and execution. They are always looking for ways to improve our gear to give a show worth the audience…”

I have no doubts that this new album will become a solid release, and will be definitely, another step upward in the band’s career. Keep your eyes on this band and on the Mexican metal scene. We will bring more interesting bands for us all to discover. We wish SPELL OF NIRITI nothing but the best and Ivan concludes referring to their hopes, dreams and what’s on his mind for the future: “… We are always looking to reach more ears in order to generate greater exposure for our band and to be able to open doors both abroad and in the most important festivals in our country. We are preparing for a very important festival this year. We still can't say much at the organizers’ request, but we are focused on giving our best show to date…”

“… As I mentioned, we are concentrating on that festival, and we continue composing now based on the new style that we want for the band. So come and listen to what we have to show. It is a great help and support that we have received from both the media and our followers. They have always put a good face on us and the love they give to the project is felt. For that reason, we are very grateful to all of you and the audience. Current members: Ivam Niriti (vocals). Dila (guitar), Diego Rico (bass) and Alex Ortega (drums).

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