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ANCESTOR OF KAOS (formerly known as ANCESTOR) is a Black metal band formed in Havana, Cuba in 2005 by Joel Kaos. They are noted for being one of the most recognizable Cuban metal acts abroad. Since 2013 they have been established in the U.S.
"Hell Fuckin' Metal" it's their debut album recorded in 2008 and released as digital download only by Forces of Satan Records (Norway) and later on CD by Witchcraft records (Mexico), Scriptorium Prods (Cuba) and Iron Curtain prods. (U.S). Presenting 8 tracks of fast Swedish school Black metal with strong influences of Thrash, with plenty of big dirty riffs to go around it still remains today as their most important album.



Album "Hell Fuckin´ Metal" 2008


Black is the night were frozen hearts will join us for eternal fight.
The challenge of brave warriors in leather boots dressed black.
We have grow up tired of years were everyone has treat as like a plague. 
And if there is war what they want they will get one.
Cause in absence of light we will, remain.

Black are my wounds, my thoughts, my scars irreverence blasphemy and evil.
Hunting and thrashing, storming and fighting, demons screaming in your ears.
Society scums destroying your hypocrisy.
United we stand togheder as one soul, one hate.

Rebel !!!

Headbangers pride, too young to die, too old to dance.
Longhaired warriors of Black Metal, say hail.

Blackult in dominion.

2-Opus Sadicum

Invocation for a nasty whore 
Devirginized by the sword
Blood tears draining from blue eyes
My scythe is under her sight

Opus Sadicum
Sick sex for satiate this ravenous appetitte
Opus malignum
Impious hellfuck

Laying on my pleasure chamber
A woman adorned in chains
Crippled but still available
She beg me with lustfull mouth for, more.

Opus Sadicum
Sick sex for satiate this ravenous appetite
Opus malignum.
Impious hellfuck.

3-Iron Liver

Iron liver…
One more beer and hit the lights.
Call me as I am. 
Live your live, don’t fear the past.
Fuck ,drink and die.
Dei sugerit invidia aetas carpe diem
Cuam alivium credula postera 
Iron liver…

4-Vlad the Impaler

Denn die todten, reiten schnell

Once- upon a time
Like old, stories begin
A name, was written in blood, for eter-nity

Carpa-thian myths at dusk
Bringer of fears, from the past
When in, the night, the moon, is rising again

I remember, the glorious battles 
Trapped in a hell of lifeless, bodies, torn apart
Szeckelis ancient blood from the Huns
A wolf’s serenade for, the fallen ones, EEAARR

Impaled and tortured warriors
A horror scene that even in dreams, 
You could not forget Elizabeth dying.
Nail the sword in the cross and let begin, the wrath of god

Profane- rites of war, occult by the fog
At the eyes, of god, every one falls, everyone- falls

5-Refuse to Renounce

I refuse- to the laws, that you’ve create.
I renounce- to everything, I’ve learn.
Guilty are, this hands for bring,
Extreme defiance solutions.
Guilty are, these words for being,
A part, of another, revo-lu-tion

I refuse to renounce.

Turning crosses upside down,  
And screaming songs of wrath
Those who try, to stop us, will die 
Strings and fingers weapons,
Preparing you a heart attack
No remorse eternity, is as pain-ful as- being- death

Angel feather wings, are falling from the sky
Weak suffering for nothing

We play what we feel, and we are what we play
Free among the others

I won’t- betray, these words:
Black Metal, sex and drugs.

I refuse to renounce.

Eternal pride, for being baptized- on fire 
For Metal cause, light-ning and thunder

Refuse to renounce…

6-From the heights to the abyss

Fall from the sky with a wound that will be know
Until now as the mark of the fallen
Loosing the face and the race and the grace
And the faith from the heights to the abyss
Dethroned and hurt by a treason of blood 
And condemned by eternal exile
Aborted by the light, adopted by the night,
And embrace by the death open wide
Only the shadows keep loyalty
Only they serve your royalty
Creatures vanished from the faith
Your soldiers, your warriors, your hordes
A battle as has never seen
Two armies, above and beneath
The wrath of the time was unleashed.
The demons against the man-birds
A war through long centuries
Deciding the whole destiny
The light and the dark were eclipsed
And strokes when the beast was defeat
A story was written again
The king was tortured and enchain    
But the arms will no rest for too long
And they will be enthroned the litigious heir  
From the heights, to the abyss…

7-Hymno de Guerra 6.6.6.

8-The Christians hunt

We are the ones you’re waiting 
The antichrist you’ve feared
At nightfall I’m searching for your soul
To feed my hunger with your blood
Inside your mind the torture is about to start 
Deny your god and thy light
Forever lust in a forest without stars
You’ve nowhere to hide, Run for your life

I deny you 
I lay my sword upon your throat

Heic noenum pax

The Christians hunt
Killing the lies of disciples of god
The Christians hunt
I can hear you crawling near
I can smell your stinking fear

And now my army of immortals has arrived

Painted faces, symbols of war
Grinder machine.

The Christians hunt





ANCESTOR is a band that evokes ancient references in music, but we’d like to know about some past memories and the impression of forming a black metal band in Cuba back then? And what about now, how has turned out for the members these last months in the US?

It’s been a great fucking experience so far! Hahaha. I must say it’s sort of a new beginning since we announced our decision of staying in this country. As you know, and because of American laws and their political relationships with Cuba, we are able to stay here legally, apply for residency and even citizenship. That’s great even though we will consider ourselves always as a Cuban band and part of the Cuban Metal scene. That’s why I have decided to wear only Cuban metal band t-shirts at our shows, as a tribute and as a personal sign.


We are very anxious to know your impressions of this whole great experience related this trip so far, though a harsh one when in Cuba. So, be our guest…

It’s just different. We started with real crappy equipment and just some riffs nine years ago in Havana, but we wrote a path and we walk through it. Suddenly, after writing a lot of letters we begun achieving things, getting our first recordings signed and distributed by foreign labels from South America and even Norway; playing tons of gigs, tours and TV shows until our first international tour. Coming to the US was like the end of a cycle, it’s time to build a new path now.


“I Am The Truth”, though was recorded in 2011, is your most recent album to offer to headbangers who enter your gigs. What about its distribution in Cuba? Do you consider it as a reflection of what going on with the band nowadays?

“I Am The Truth” was a reflection of what was going on with the band back in those days. I must say 2010 has been the best year for ANCESTOR so far. We just did too much for what a black metal band can achieve over there. After that we ran in circles at some point because of the way the scene is managed in the island and couldn’t escape from it. That’s the main reason why we, as a band, decided to remain in United States. Anyway, that album is still the last one; we did our best to promote it in Cuba. We are about to print some new copies here for our upcoming shows along with new merch and also to send some to Cuba. In the meantime we are writing new material to be recorded in 2014.


What did mean to feature in SXSW Fest? How’d you describe such an experience? What did it bring in terms of promotion for the band in The States?

As I said for Metal Rules interview, ANCESTOR was mostly used to bigger crowds than the one at the Jr in Austin. We enjoyed it anyway. V did a great job on the axe considering that was his first show with the band. We also give some free CD’s, but I think none of us really used those days in terms of promotion. We were too shocked back on our first days in The States honestly. I think the press conference was the best part in terms of promotion.


Cuba, Austin and Miami, are they different in the way audiences live metal?

Cuba is always going to be irreplaceable in terms of audience. It’s just a different feeling here; maybe I will change my mind on our next European tour, hahaha. Anyway, we must say that we were great fucking welcomed in Miami. Metalheads come to our shows and when they face us are like: “…holy fuck! Are you guys from Cuba?” On the other hand, there’s also a whole bunch of Cuban headbangers, some of them knew our music, some others are from previous generations but still they feel proud of having us here and still wanting us to play metal instead of just following clichés of American dreams.


What’d be the challenges for a black thrash metal act proceeding from Cuba making its way in USA? What elements will stay and what doesn’t?

All elements of our concept will remain untouchable, of course, adding some technical stuff, I’m talking about gears. It’s still hell fucking speed, thrash corpse-paint black metal. It seems that new material will be more traditional yet mayhemic with rhythm. Remember that we aren’t influenced by US black metal. Our music starts as a mix of German thrash and Norwegian black metal along with Cuban touches and it will remain like that.


We know there’s a new repertoire, but what about it? Is there any plan of entering a studio to record it and distribute it so far?

Absolutely, we have already half of the new album written. It will be recorded in South Florida were we are based now. We also have an offer for an EP, let’s see what happens first. I’m sure our next album will be big, so I’m preparing new material that will blow some heads for sure. It will be our third album, so it must be a definitive one. It will make a statement and a light on the horizon for Cuban metal scene. I want them over there to be proud of us the same way Brazilians and Greeks are proud of SARCOFAGO, SEPULTURA and ROTTING CHRIST.


What’d ANCESTOR state to those who already follow you and to the newcomers…

From now on we are focused on playing more shows in South Florida. We are opening for some well-known acts or just local shows. We just want to play gigs. We will be doing the SOLSTICE reunion shows in March and after that entering the studio for sure. So, I’m sure you all will be hearing a lot from ANCESTOR! I also want to thank you for this interview and for staying alive, SCRIPTORIUM means a lot for our scene. Thanks for still being part of The Cuban Invasion!


Joel “Kaos” (bass), Viktor “Hyde” (vocal), Alcides “Thorn” (drums) and Victor “V” (guitar)

“Hell Fuckin’ Metal” (CD/2008)

“I’m the Truth” (CD/2011)


Quid pro Quo

“…ANCESTOR OF KAOS, previously named ANCESTOR, was formed in Cuba, in 2005. We changed our moniker because many bands were using it. “Under Red Menace” (EP/2013) is our fourth and most recent release. We play a blend of Black metal and Thrash that incorporates Doom, Death Metal, and Punk. We are inspired by all kinds of music from 70’s rock to 80’s speed metal and by the 90’s Black metal. We are influenced by MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, CELTIC FROST, DISSECTION, and old SEPULTURA. In 2013, after defecting from Communist Cuba, we toured around Texas and South Florida, playing lots of shows and festivals, opening for bands like DEICIDE, ACHERON, GOATWHORE, and THY ANTICHRIST. In 2016 the band stopped playing live shows as we all moved and established our legal residence in different U.S states. Now, with half of the band in Las Vegas and the other half in Miami, we continue on our metal journey stronger than ever and with the same hunger for blood, sweat, hellish drums, and Marshall’s noise. Our next album is coming in 2021. There will be eight new songs of pure anti-communist metal of death, chaotic rhythms, and tense feelings. It’s coming to a Church near you soon!...”






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