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GAEREA Unveils Unnerving Torture Art Experiment for Song "Dormant"

Katy Irizarry & Suspiria PR / Photo by Sonja Chantik @DarksideofChantik


GAEREA Unveils Unnerving Torture Art Experiment for Song "Dormant". Plus Appearing in Chicago at The Original Kuma's Corner for special screening event and meet & greet! And also, on tour in North America starting September 29!

Waterboarding is a form of torture, typically used as an interrogation technique, in which a person is strapped head-down on a sloping board with the mouth and nose covered while water is poured over their face, causing them to experience a sensation similar to that of drowning.

Would you submit yourself to human torture to go beyond your limits to expressing art? Voluntary suffering for the greater goal in pursuit of artistic excellence is what one of the members of cathartic black metal band GAEREA (PT) went through for the visualization of "Dormant."

The video (recorded by the great Claudio Marino, distinguished for working with giants like BEHEMOTH, WATAIN, SHINING) simply can’t be classified as a music video. It’s an eight- minute excruciating compilation of being waterboarded, trapped in a cycle of unending pain, with each passing moment feeling like an eternity, time becomes the cruelest enemy.

GAEREA comments: “Complementing the song's aural journey, the video art installation accompanying 'Dormant' delves into the anguish and struggle for survival. The visuals depict the main character, trapped and enclosed in a tormenting world, as water relentlessly pours over his body, simulating drowning and suffocation. This immersive and visceral experience offers a harrowing glimpse into the protagonist's fight for life, evoking a range of emotions and challenging viewers to confront their own mortality.”

"Dormant" had previously only been available to fans who purchased the bonus-edition of 'Mirage.' Now, the enigmatic horde is sharing the track digitally along with this masterful and real work of torture art. There are no actors, no gimmicks, and no special effects. The disturbing video can be seen at:

In addition, Gaerea will be unveiling a secret screening event to kick start their imminent tour in North America! The clandestine event will take place tonight, September 28, at the original Kuma's Corner in Chicago, IL! The event is free to attend and starts promptly at 7:30 P.M. and band will be present for a meet and greet with fans who dare to enter the vortex. Plus, fans can enter a raffle in which one lucky winner will be given a pair of tickets to see the band's performance at Metro on September 30.

Gaerea previously commented, "This is the death of 'Mirage' and the moment we start to let go of our world just so another one can be born. This unique event will showcase everything Gaerea has ever stood for. Get ready to witness something truly special, crafted specially to each and every one of you who wishes to join us for an evening we shall never forget."

Following the event, Gaerea will be kicking off its North American tour with Wolves in the Throne Room, Blackbraid, and Hoaxed on September 29 in St. Louis, MO, which will then conclude on October 24 in Denver, CO. Tickets are now available and can be found HERE: ( while the full itinerary can be found below!

Gaerea will be supporting its incendiary 2022 release, 'Mirage,' debuting a new live aesthetic! 'Mirage' was ranked among the best records of last year by Decibel Magazine, A&P Reacts, Ghost Cult Magazine, Sick Drummer, and more! The album is available HERE:

In celebration of the event, Kuma's has collaborated with Gaerea for a signature burger, which is inspired by the Francesinha sandwich, a comforting dish that is native to the band's hometown of Porto (PT). The Gaerea burger is modeled after Kuma's famous Slayer burger with a Portuguese twist. The sandwich has a bed of fresh house-cut fries, texas toast, an angus beef patty, sausage, uncured ham, shredded monterrey jack cheese, and a fried egg, all smothered in a decadent Francesinha sauce.

GAEREA (w/ Wolves in the Throne Room, Blackbraid, Hoaxed)
Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge North American Tour
09/29: St Louis, MO @ Red Flag
09/30: Chicago, IL @ Metro
10/01: St. Paul, MN @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall
10/03: Detroit, MI @ El Club
10/04: Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace
10/05: Montreal, QC @ Theatre Fairmount
10/06: Boston, MA @ Big Night Live
10/07: Hamden, CT @ Space Ballroom
10/08: Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Monarch
10/10: Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
10/11: Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage
10/12: Richmond, VA @ The Canal Club [
10/13: Greensboro, NC @ Hangar 1819
10/14: Atlanta, GA @ The Loft
10/15: Tampa, FL @ Orpheum
10/17: Dallas, TX @ Echo Lounge & Music Hall
10/18: Austin, TX @ Come And Take It Live
10/20: Albuquerque, NM @ Sister
10/21: Tucson, AZ @ Encore
10/23: Salt Lake City, UT @ Metro Music Hall
10/24: Denver, CO @ The Oriental Theater

Live EU Dates:
10/28: Black Box Mikkeli (FI)
01/05-06/24: Meh Suff! (CH)
05/03/24: Karmoygeddon (NO)

Behind black shrouds of obscurity and desolation, the men of GAEREA deliver their odes in cascading maelstroms of aggression and beauty. Emerging from the age of pandemic to whatever awaits humanity next, the Portuguese horde remains on the frontlines of the next generation of extreme metal. With an EP and two albums to their name, GAEREA has rapidly distinguished themselves from the thousands of bands toiling away in the underground. Brewing their cauldron of sound from a recipe of pounding black-metal blast mixed with a touch of harrowed, reflective longing, many devotees of the darkened arts have flocked to their banner. With the emergence of third full-length album Mirage, those numbers are sure to grow.

Underground metal itself is a strange and cyclical beast. Trends come and trends go. But at no point in the genre’s history have we borne witness to what happened to the world in 2020. GAEREA met this challenge by releasing their second album, the aptly titled Limbo, to excellent world reception. In the meantime, they found the total suspension of interactive life as it was previously known to be the perfect breeding ground for further creation and making. As the troupe’s main songwriter elaborates, “I lost two precious years of my life, years that I would rather have spent touring and growing as an artist. But they were crucial for us, these years, because not too many bands stayed relevant and productive. The pandemic gave us the time to make the best release we could. All the promo-shoots, interviews, videos, we all had time to prepare for everything. Mirage was the product of a sudden inspiration. The basic parts were written over about two weeks.”

Such a stunning admission goes to show that art is fickle, and the artist is merely a vessel through which the sweet sorcery we call music may flow. It can mute itself to frustrating silence – or it can explode into being regardless of all consideration. For this band on the rise, it is most certainly the latter. Sizzling with ambition from day one, GAEREA may present one unique face to their audience, masked and enshrouded, but the truth is they have not remained changeless. “We are not the same band who recorded Limbo,” he insists. “We are more eager to take on the world. If the pandemic taught us anything it is that nothing is certain.”

This lack of certainty plays heavily into newest creation Mirage. As its name suggests, the inability to trust what our senses are telling us could be construed as one of the album’s central themes. Rather than constrict their art to mythological references or anti-religious tropes, GAEREA instead plumb the depths of the human experiences of isolation and suffering. “The concept, the subject, of each song is everyone, you, me . . . if people were alone together in Limbo, in Mirage they are truly alone. Nobody is truly real until they are alone.”

If existential dread could be turned into sound, GAEREA have carved their own philosophical path through its stygian tunnels. It isn’t Satan, demons, death, or even suicide that is waiting for us there. “What if people finally reached their goal,” he posits, “to end their suffering, and instead of dying they find themselves in a new reality, lost in a big city they were once a part of – they don’t know if anyone else is still alive. They are alone inside their own world.” This theme of being alone in a world full of familiar scenes, unable to end things and unable to reach anyone else, might well terrify the listener more effectively than any glimpse into the imagined hellscapes of our nightmares. Being isolated in your own world is the real nightmare, and GAEREA strum the chords of this horror with nuance and a miserable grace.

Boasting a superior production that threads the needle between clarity and causticness, GAEREA unwaveringly admit their loyalty to countryman and producer Miguel Tereso of Demigod Recordings. “Miguel is fantastic,” enthuses the band’s primary composer. “He comes from a brutal death metal background. I thought if this guy can pull off a punchy, modern, but still authentic production with a slam / death metal band, I wonder what he can do with a band like GAEREA. He has a vision for a sound, and that is what I really like. He is not a black metal fan, but it’s this very external set of ears and eyes from a guy who really knows his craft, and he brings all of that to our sound.” The fruits of this union are quite evident, as the turbulent moods of the title track are so wonderfully tossed between tension-building moments, and the explosive payoffs which set GAEREA apart from so many who try but come up short.

Tormented leads and building riffs sit atop some seriously explosive drumming, waxing and waning, on “Arson,” a tempest of moods and one of the album’s centerpieces. Emotion, at times sounding triumphant in brilliantly wrought guitar leads, is skewered by vocals that bustle with shattering despair. The dichotomy is magnificent to behold. GAEREA’s composer makes no mistake. “I want to hear the throat on the album, and if we are a vocals-driven band, I don’t want to over-process them during the recording. Striking that balance is one of the beauties for me in this record.”

In a world that increasingly elevates the shallow and the narcissistic, GAEREA pursues an artistic struggle of inward isolation, honest self-examination, and a dogged refusal to bow to the void that awaits. Thus, the persistence of their shadowed visages, draped in the masks which codify their anonymity while also creating a reliable extreme metal brand that fans can appreciate, especially in the live setting. “GAEREA are truly ourselves when we put these masks on, and we transcend into something different, and primitive,” he asserts. “It still makes total sense, and this band would not be a band anymore if we ever dropped the masks.”

As GAEREA prepares the release of Mirage, the world has resumed functioning, and as it lurches onward into its bleak future, one could stipulate that the pressure may be on to continue its rise amid the clamor of this renewal of activity. Does this challenge intimidate GAEREA? “We want to do better, but I don’t feel any pressure because we are in very good hands with the people we work with. We are building a strong team that really cares for us, stage-wise, promotional-wise, website and sales-wise. We are building a very structured confident teams that aims for the same goals we do. What I truly care about is continuing our ever-growing concept of the band GAEREA, and not becoming sterile, and I would not want people to be unaffected by our music. In the end we’re trying to express something within ourselves, and I don’t want it to be too complicated.”

The beauty of GAEREA lies in the directness and simplicity found within their florid tapestry of extremity and aggression. Whether it is in the less-polished aural dynamite of their self-titled EP, or in the lustrous textures of Mirage, GAEREA is building a mighty edifice of underground metal. With talons dipped in the inky blood of black metal and scraped across the flesh of human suffering, GAEREA is leading a charge into the future of darkness, and all those who find beauty and power in the dark side of existence would do well to take heed.

Style: Cathartic Black Metal
Recording Studio: Demigod Recordings
Producer/Sound engineer: Miguel Tereso
Mix/Master: Miguel Tereso (Demigod Recordings)
Cover artwork: Saros Collective
Bio: Nic Franco
Photos: Sonja Chantik

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