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KRISIUN Launches “Necronomical” video, and European Tour will start at the End of the Month!

Corinne Westbrook & C Square Music / Photo by Maya Melchers


KRISIUN – Launch “Necronomical” Video; European Tour Starting at The End of The Month!
Brazil’s kings of death metal Armageddon KRISIUN continue to promote their latest studio album, Mortem Solis, released worldwide via Century Media Records last year.

Today, KRISIUN are pleased to release a brand-new video for the album track “Necronomical”, which was created by Joao Mauricio Leonel / Biruta Filmes and can now be seen here:

KRISIUN guitarist Moyses Kolesne commented: “Doing the video clip for ‘Necronomical’ was very interesting and cool for us. It was awesome bringing in all those elements involved with the Necronomicon book like the ritual, magic and some type of horror atmosphere like in the ‘Evil Dead’ movie or even some Morbid Angel vibes too. This song’s music is also a bit different from what we normally do, but still a brutal, marching-forward kind of death metal. It’s really fast and technical in the middle section, but with an intro that takes you back for the 80’s golden years of heavy metal in the vein of Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Diary Of A Madman’ album. We hope all metalheads out there will enjoy watching this clip as much as we did create it! Also, don’t miss us on our upcoming European tour with labemates Baest starting’s going to be a brutal tour, so make sure to show up prepared!”

The upcoming European tour by KRISIUN starting later this month will as mentioned feature Danish Death Metal outfit Baest in the main support role as well as Defacing God OR Schizophrenia as additional support and Triagone as opening act. Don’t miss this merciless package on the following dates:

KRISIUN + Baest - “Swords Into Flesh” - Europe Tour 2023:
28.10.2023 Bochum (Germany) - Turock Fest ***
02.11.2023 Munich (Germany) - Backstage *
03.11.2023 Helmond (The Netherlands) - Cacaofabriek *
04.11.2023 Arnhem (The Netherlands) - Willemeen *
05.11.2023 Antwerp (Belgium) - Kavka *
06.11.2023 Hannover (Germany) - Musikzentrum *
07.11.2023 Weinheim (Germany) - Cafe Central *
08.11.2023 Colmar (France) - Le Grillen *
09.11.2023 Paris (France) - Backstage O' Sullivan *
10.11.2023 Toulouse (France) - L'Usine à Musique *
11.11.2023 Portugalete (Spain) - Estudios Groove *
12.11.2023 Madrid (Spain) - Sala Copérnico *
13.11.2023 Barcelona (Spain) - Sala Bóveda *
14.11.2023 Marseille (France) - Le Chihuahua Dodu *
15.11.2023 Martigny (Switzerland) - Sunset *
16.11.2023 Bratislava (Slovakia) - Randal **
17.11.2023 Graz (Austria) - Explosiv **
18.11.2023 Siebnen (Switzerland) - District 28 **
19.11.2023 Prague (Czech Republic) - Futurum **
20.11.2023 Poznan (Poland) - 2Progi **
21.11.2023 Krakow (Poland) - Kamienna12 **
22.11.2023 Warsaw (Poland) - Proxima **
23.11.2023 Berlin (Germany) - Orwo **
24.11.2023 Leipzig (Germany) - Hellraiser **
25.11.2023 Hamburg (Germany) - Headcrash **
*w/ Defacing God, ** w/ Schizophrenia, *** w/ Krisiun + Schizophrenia only
Triagone opening on all dates except ***

Other KRISIUN live dates up until the end of this year:
KRISIUN - Live 2023:
08.10.2023 São Jose Dos Campos, SP (Brazil) - Hocus Pocus
15.10.2023 São Paulo, SP (Brazil) - Rockfun Fest
21.10.2003 Contagem, MG (Brazil) - Bloco Dos Camisa Preta
22.10.2023 Ipatinga, MG (Brazil) - Garajao
07.12.2023 La Serena (Chile) - Soc. De Artesanos
08.12.2023 Santiago (Chile) - Arena Recoleta
09.12.2023 Concepción (Chile) - Bar Refugio
10.12.2023 Temuco (Chile) - Club Kamaleon
And as always, many more dates will be announced soon.

For KRISIUN’s 12th studio album, the trio - brothers Alex Camargo (bass/vocals), Max Kolesne (drums) and Moyses Kolesne (guitars) - recorded their new material locally at Family Mob Studio (Ratos De Porão, Crypta) in São Paulo, Brazil and mixed/Mastered with Mark Lewis (Kataklysm, Deicide, The Black Dahlia Murder, etc.) in Nashville, Tennessee. “Mortem Solis” – which is Latin for “Death of the Sun” – comes with artwork designed by Marcelo Vasco (Slayer, Venom, Dark Funeral) and is available as limited-edition Digipak (with the exclusive bonus track “Death of the Sun” (03:30)), as Digital Album and as LP on 180g. vinyl in the various variants.

Order KRISIUN’s “Mortem Solis” album here:
And also make sure to check out the previously released singles/videos for “Mortem Solis” here:
“Serpent Messiah” (video):
“Sworn Enemies” (lyric video):
“Swords into Flesh” (video):
“War Blood Hammer” (lyric video):
More news about KRISIUN coming soon...

KRISIUN - Line-Up:
(From left to right, Photo by Maya Melchers)
Alex Camargo – Vocals, Bass
Moyses Kolesne – Guitars
Max Kolesne – Drums

KRISIUN - Studio Album Discography:
Black Force Domain - 1995
Apocalyptic Revelation - 1998
Conquerors of Armageddon - 2000
Ageless Venomous - 2001
Works of Carnage - 2003
Bloodshed - 2004
AssassiNation - 2006
Southern Storm - 2008
The Great Execution - 2011
Forged in Fury - 2015
Scourge of the Enthroned - 2018
Mortem Solis - 2022

KRISIUN - Online:

Century Media - Online:

Click on picture to get it: 

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Shipping costs suck! Get 6 digital copies  for $2.99

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