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LENAX remixes a symphonic version of Beneath the Chapel from the 2023 EP Purity.

Scriptorium Magazine/ Picture by band's courtesy.


Tennessee based melodic black metal outfit LENAX is a band on the rise. Their latest opus, Purity, hit streaming services this week to rave reviews and ever-increasing plays. With strains reminiscent of classic IMMORTAL, DARK FUNERAL or ENSLAVED, the band has stayed true to their influences while creating something new that hooks the listener immediately.
Formed in November 2022 as a solo project by guitarist and vocalist Venomous, his previous single release for Shrouded Sight, firmly placed him in the spotlight. Lovecraft inspired lyrics set the stage for a concept that encompassed not only the storytelling aspect of traditional black metal, but also allowed for growth in the way many black metal bands have done over the years with broader content and experimentation.
Over the past year, Lenax evolved into a full band to enable Venomous to perform live, something he has missed doing and he wants to bring the music to the metal community. Currently consisting of Venomous on Guitar and lead vocals, the band also boasts the addition of established BLOOD STAINED DUSK drummer Profana to the fold. Bass is covered by The Silence and the band is working on a new stage show that is sure to be bold and imaginative. However, bass tracks on the release are covered by Hephaestus and his ancient Hellenic rendition of the Headless Rite from the Greek Magical Papyri gives you a glimpse into the grimoire of magical practitioners the world over.

The Passion:
“… Black metal is a deep and diverse genre of music. To those that put in the time to truly absorb the music, there is a lot to be discovered here. I truly enjoy the built-in sub-culture of rebellion, individuality, and self-growth that is common not just with black metal but what some would call the Left hand Path. Not to mention it is just a very enjoyable style for me to play. It seems typical for a black metal band to address problems with religion and to use occult imagery, and we are no different. At times I utilize metaphors that are direct parallels to personal practice, while at other times merely utilize entirely fictionalized themes. to me either are valid forms of art. I tend to utilize themes and imagery from HP Lovecraft rather than using cultural pagan themes, in a way to free myself in the artistic process. Lyrics as a whole generally come very late once the song structure is in place. Often times the story of a song is inspired by one real world event, and then expanded to tell a story of struggle, self-discovery, and freedom…”

The Beginning:
“… This was originally a solo project of mine. I had lapsed in playing heavy music for a number of years, and began to write and record the kind of music that not only enjoyed to play, but would want to hear as a music fan. Over the course of 2023 I really felt the need to play live and put together the band. We have been playing out for a few months now, and most recently started writing new material…”

The local scene:
“… Our local scene has a lot going on, aside from the popular notion of Nashville as the heart of country music. We do have some extremely talented bands of all genres, while some of our larger metal bands are more known for touring elsewhere. For us it is hard to gage at this point, as we have just started playing out. I can say that every time people have heard us for the first time the experience has been extremely positive…”

Upcoming EP Studio Report:
“… The most recent recorded material was the solo EP. I used a session musician on bass and programmed drums, though we are re-working some of that material right now. Profana is tracking live drums, and we are planning on an eventual re-release. This will include a few live tracks so people can hear how the songs have evolved with the addition of the new members…”
“… A studio report would certainly be interesting! Guitars and vocals were all done in my home studio with minimal equipment. There is a process that I go through from the initial riffs and lyrical ideas to a full-fledged song, which normally includes a few cycles of playing the song through, recording myself multiple times to simulate two guitarists playing off each other…”

The nowadays:
“… Right now, we are pushing our latest release, the symphonic remix of “Beneath the Chapel” form the 2023 Purity EP. This song was always intended to have these extra elements in it, and we are very happy with how it came out.

Dreams and hopes:
“…Putting it that way I would love to be full time as a musician. This is a hard sell with the current state of the music industry, perhaps more so for a metal band. Full time or not, I just want to make the best music that represents who I am…”

The imminent:
“…We are filming two music videos, a live show, and a new single. The remastered version of Purity may be done before the year's end as well, and we are looking forward to playing shows in our region. This is a foundational year for Lenax, letting people know we exist and what we are capable of. To anyone that has checked out our music and liked what we do, we say thank you. The band is highly approachable, so don't be afraid to send us a message on social media. And if you are a creative person waiting for "one of these days", I say to you don't wait. Whatever your thing is, do that thing, nobody else is going to do it for you…”

Current Members:
Venomous (vocals, guitar), Mordred (guitar, backing vocals), The Silence (bass) and Profana (drums).

The Interaction:

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