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new full album called "Fathomless Hysteros".

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The Spanish Black Metal band, Ouija Official, which has more than 25 years of experience, released its new full album which is called "Fathomless Hysteros".

This new OUIJA album has 7 songs and is expected to be released on the market this coming December 26, via the Negra Nit Distro. in Spain and Europe, in Colombia it will be distributed by Tribulacion Prods, in Mexico, USA and Canada by Azermedoth Records, Impaled Records in Brazil and Wind of Mayhem in Chile.

The cover was the work of Spanish artist Juanjo Castellano.

The album was recorded at the famous Moontower Studios, under the direction of Javi Felez and mastered at Endarker Studio by Magnus Devo Andersson.

Currently OUIJA is:
- Map: Guitar.
- Midgard: Voice.
- Fulgur: Drums.
- Shogoth: Low.
- JM101: Guitar.

1. Fathomless hysteros.
2. Bestia Negra.
3. I see you without eyes.
4. The fifth rider.
5. Hijo del caido.
6. Adversary.
7. Unbridled transylvanian passion.

In the following link you can listen to his new album;

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