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Venezuelan Atmospheric Death Doom STRATUZ Announces South American Tour Dates (Chile, Argentina, Peru) New Album “Osculum Pacis” Out Now!



Venezuelan atmospheric death/doom Stratuz is adventuring across South America this August and September for tour dates to promote their latest album “Osculum Pacis” released in April 2022. The band will be kicking off the tour in Santiago, Chile on August 30th and continue across the country towards Argentina and wrap up in Cusco, Peru on September 16th. More shows will be added and announced at a later date (current dates listed below).

Latin American Tour Trailer Video -
When presenting themselves live Stratuz transmits a much more powerful energy than on their recordings, and there are always comments that the band sounds much better in concert than on album, and this is because of the particular vitality that can be appreciated in their performances.

The band comments about going on tour:
"This is the formal start of our international tour, and we want to cover as many places as possible to continue promoting Osculum Pacis. We want to have direct contact with the audience and share with each of the bands that will share the stage with us."

This will be the band's first tour since going on hiatus in 2006 and reforming in 2019. To mark their return to their latest album “Osculum Pacis” is an immersion into the band's own universe of sound, which will lead you to listen to each of the themes repeatedly and thus discover each sound layer and the sensations to awaken you.

"So many years away from the scene led us to experiment with other musical currents and the studio, which allowed us to nourish ourselves and thus reach the level we are at now. This record we hope will awaken your senses with its eleven tracks that ebb and flow through dreary gutturals, majestic choruses, and heart-pumping riffs." says the band.

Lyrically, “Osculum Pacis” speaks of the abuses of the church and its deafening silence in the face of so many denunciations of abuse. It speaks of the manipulation of the masses, and injustice, but at the same time, it also speaks of the awakening of consciousness, of death as a process of transformation, and the need to change ourselves in order to rise up and banish our own miseries. It speaks of rising up aware of who we are.

Stratuz is recommended for fans of Paradise Lost, Tiamat, and Moonspell.
The album “Osculum Pacis” was released on April 26, 2022, and is available on CD / Digital on, and Spotify.

Live video (accompanied by a string ensemble and a choir) “Back To The Sun“ -
Lyric Video - "Left" -

Tour Dates:​
Aug 30 - Mibar - Santiago, Chile w/ The Ancient Doom
Aug 31 - Club Segundo Piso - Valparaíso, Chile w/ Decree of Annihilation, Unkind Beast, Critical Defiance
Sept 1 - Bar Bahia Swing - Rancagua, Chile w/ Lafaln, Nox Terrorem, Necromagiuz
Sept 2 - Piedra Roja - Concepción, Chile w/ Endimion, Radamanthys
Sept 9 - Gier Music - Buenos Aires, Argentina w/ Sinister
Sept 16 - Florida Club - Cusco, Peru w/ Illdisposed

Track Listing:​
1. Intro - 1:58
2. Morning Star - 3:50
3. Father Amorth (e) - 2:58
4. Holy Grail - 4:36
5. Caelibatus - 4:33
6. In the Name of God - 3:06
7. Back to the Sun - 3:09
8. Sodomized - 4:41
9. Dawn - 5:06
10. Left - 4:57
11. Condemned - 5:26
Album Length: 44:22

Stratuz is:
Franklin Berroterán – Voices and Keyboards
Gerónimo Egea – Guitars
Leonardo Rangel – Bass
Diego Cabrujas – Drums

About: Stratuz is a Venezuelan doom-death metal band formed in 1984. The group released their first demo in 1993 and their debut album “In Nomine…” in 1995, helping them to quickly become the most recognized metal band in Venezuela and cementing their place as one of the pioneer bands of extreme metal.
​In 1999, Stratuz finished recording the album “The Last Angel” upon their return from a European tour. That same year, they signed with the Belgian label LSP-Company for a new album entitled “Spirit Seduction”.
​The band decided to disband in 2006, but in 2019 they reform and start working on a new album titled “Osculum Pacis”, released on 26 April 2022.
​Stratuz recently reached number one on the Jacquin Ravens Top 50 Metal on US radio station 99WNRR with their latest album "Osculum Pacis".

Stratuz 1993 KCT
In Nomine... 1995 CD
The Last Angel 1999 CD
Spirit Seduction 2000 CD
Without Original Sin 2006 EP(Digital)
Osculum Pacis 2022 CD /Digital

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