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Female Death Metal Band MAATKARE to Release Second Single "May The Gods Bear Witness"

Band's Press release


For fans of: Nile, Scarab, Arch Enemy, Behemoth & Kataklysm

Following the successful launch of their debut single "War Before Peace," the all-female Egyptian-inspired death metal band Maatkare is set to release their second single, "May The Gods Bear Witness," on 28th June 2024. This highly anticipated track will be available across all streaming platforms and will be accompanied by a lyric video.

Maatkare, consisting of frontwoman Janneke de Rooy (Beyond The Pale), bassist Amie Chatterley (Dakesis, WomenOwar), and guitarist Georgia Bell (session guitarist for Harper/Thatyellaharper), continues to captivate audiences with their unique blend of historical themes and intense metal soundscapes. Formed in early 2020, the band only recently made their public debut but has quickly gained a dedicated following.

"May The Gods Bear Witness" delves into the theme of false prophets spreading misinformation in ancient Egypt, using this historical narrative as a metaphor for the current state of the world and media. The track reflects on the manipulation of truth and the impact it has on society, drawing parallels between ancient and modern times.

Amie Chatterley, who produced the track, shares their insight on the new single:
“We've been humbled by the response we had to our first single 'War Before Peace,' and I've been very excited about sharing this next track with the world. As a woman in metal, I recognise how many women and others of marginalised groups have been victims of the misrepresentation and misinformation in the media. This song talks about the historical spreading of misinformation by prophets in ancient Egypt, but it is very close to the current troubles within society that we now face too. In terms of producing the track, this is a new venture for me, and I've really enjoyed stepping up to the challenge of producing a project like this. We are a completely independent band, so we are handling everything in-house, and I hope that more women and others see what we're doing and feel empowered to start their creative journey too.”

Georgia Bell adds:
“I thoroughly enjoyed co-writing this song with Amie & Janneke. One of the things we’ve worked on for these songs, is building tension through lot’s of different techniques, like using harmonies, orchestration and galloping riffs. We really wanted to take listeners on a journey to explore the different lyrics themes we have and for this one in particular, creating a sense of unease.”

The release of "May The Gods Bear Witness" promises to solidify Maatkare’s presence in the metal scene, offering a fresh perspective on historical metal themes and contemporary issues. The band invites fans and metal enthusiasts to join them in this celebration of ancient history and heavy music on 28th June 2024.

The single is available to Pre-Save on Spotify here:
"May The Gods Bear Witness" was mixed by Matt Jones at CapsaArx Studios in Birmingham and mastered by Simone Pietroforte of Divergent Studios.

Fans can get early access to the track ahead of the release, by signing up to Maatkare’s mailing list here:

In the heart of a male dominated death metal landscape, stands Maatkare – an all-female lineup channelling the essence of ancient Egypt through their fierce musical expression. Founded in March 2020, this band of ambitious women has been steadily carving their path, culminating in the imminent release of their debut single, “War Before Peace,” due for release on May 16th, 2024.

In crafting their music, Maatkare draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of death and black metal, with influences from Nile, Scarab, Behemoth, Arch Enemy and Kataklysm. Infused with the untold stories of powerful women who have shaped history.

Named after one of Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s many titles, Maatkare is more than just a band; it’s a testament to the unyielding strength and resilience of female power, both past and present. Fronted by the dynamic vocalist Janneke de Rooy, whose commanding presence on stage is matched only by her pharaohcious vocal delivery, Maatkare is rounded out by the bass lines of Amie Chatterley and the guitar work of Georgia Bell.
The genesis of Maatkare was a meeting of musical minds during 2020, with original members spanning across the Globe. With the current lineup arising from diverse backgrounds, including Janneke’s experience with Beyond The Pale, Amie’s tenure with Dakesis and WomenOwar, and Georgia’s more notable session work with Harper (thatyellaharper), the band brings a wealth of talent and experience to the table.

At the heart of Maatkare’s musical ethos lies a profound connection to Egyptian history and mythology, refracted through the lens of the band’s powerful feminine perspective. Through their upcoming debut album, slated for release later this year, Maatkare delves deep into the legacy of Pharaoh Hatshepsut, exploring her reign and the tumultuous era in which she ruled with a blend of reverence and raw intensity.

Their debut single, “War Before Peace,” serves as a potent introduction to the band. Produced by Amie Chatterley, the track is a journey through ancient conflicts, adjoining the rise of the Roman Empire with the enduring power of Egyptian civilization. As Janneke explains, the song is a poignant tribute to the countless women and children who were caught in the crossfire of history, their voices echoing through the ages in Maatkare’s thunderous cacophony.

Sirens of sound, women of history, Maatkare has arrived.

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