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With the new release Glacial Domination, I had to get an update to see what a day in the life of Samantha Mobley of FROZEN SOUL was like since we last spoke. Let me tell you, she definitely has a very exciting 2024 coming in. Frozen Soul have the Metal Crushes All Tour 2024 from April 2nd through May 25th with AMON AMARTH, CANNIBAL CORPSE, and OBITUARY. Then following soon after is the Headbangers Boat from October 28th through November 1st with Lamb of God and so many others.

Originally from Allen, Texas and born on July 2nd, many, many, moons ago, Samantha, at only eight years of age, was gifted her very first guitar. It would be later in 2018 that she learned to play the bass guitar. Samantha’s therapeutic offerings to society do not stop there though. She is also recognized for her work with skin art. That's right, a professional tattoo artist on top of slapping bass. What a badass, right?! Here she talks about how productive and full her days get all while kicking ass at balancing life. Enjoy!


1. Please tell us, how powerful was 2023 for you?

“It was an amazing year for sure! With the release of our record, constant touring, doing the European festival circuit, and running my tattoo shop and tattooing, it was quite the busy year for me!”


2. So Frozen Soul is really going fast and hard these days. Are you ready for what’s in store with some of our nation’s biggest performers?

“Yes, we have been going pretty hard! I think we're getting there! We’ve been home for about a week from our last tour/ first headlining tour so now it’s time to get back to rehearsals and game plans for next year. Getting to tour with some of the biggest bands in metal is a little intimidating but we will be prepared for sure!”


3. Was getting to where you are now a struggle, or does it now feel like a huge overnight success? I mean, FROZEN SOUL is banging right now.

“It has not been without its obstacles. I think anything worth doing will have its set of challenges. Touring is very hard work, being in a band is hard work. People get to see the highlight reels; they don’t see everything behind the scenes. They don’t really get to see the blood, sweat, and tears, they just see the final product and the show. While our success has been pretty quick compared to other bands, it has been a long 4-5 years of grinding, sacrifices, and working really hard- so I wouldn’t exactly call it "overnight". haha.”


4. Do you get nervous on stage anymore?

“Sometimes. I got very nervous when we played Wacken Open Air this summer in Europe. That was the biggest crowd we had played in front of at that time, so it was a little nerve wracking! But generally, not really. I'm usually ready to rock- I know the drill!”


5. Will this be your first time to Puerto Rico, on the Headbangers Boat?

“Yes! it will be my first time ! I'm very excited.”


6. Tell us please more about what a day in the life off tours is like for you. How is the Tattoo business going?

“It consists generally of waking up early, showering at the hotel, getting in the van and driving to the destination. Sometimes it’s 5-6 hours, sometimes we break up the drives if it’s longer than 12-14 hours depending on the itinerary. We have to be there at a specific time for load in and sound check. We will generally load in gear, sound check, and just go eat or chill after and wait to play. We get all the merch set up for the show and change strings / charge wireless stuff etc. before we play. Then when we're done, we have to pack everything up in the trailer, and head to our hotel or drive to the next spot! Tattoo business is going great!”


7. What is your fuel for life?

“Pure spite. :)”


8. What would be some of your favorite modern-day bands?



9. Outside of any metal music genre, what other musical genres do you vibe to?

“I like a lot of new wave / dark wave music! Goth and industrial. 80's synth pop/ new wave and 90's alternative music. I pretty much listen to everything other than country, but those are the main things I listen to outside of metal.”


Word Of Encouragement:

10. Any words of encouragement to fellow musicians coming into the music community?

“Just keep your nose clean, work hard, and be humble!”


11. What about for your fans?

“Keep being sick! The support means the world to us, and y’all are what keep the heavy metal community alive and thriving!”


Thank you Samantha. Stay Brutal!


Thanks everyone for reading. Stay sikk!

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