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By Analaura Hernandez from Eminent Proclivity Promotions

I am always curious about finding out what it is that drives our fellow Death metal collaborators. In this case, I had to get the juice on how badass these free Fort Worth shows are going. I saw my opportunity to grab Burning Dogma Records founder, Ricky Lockett, and the questions took motion rapidly. Ricky was born and raised in Azle, Texas. Growing up he was a big fan of old SEPULTURA, NAILBOMB, OBITUARY, SUFFOCATION, and IMMOLATION. Only the best right!? So here goes. You have got to check out these responses to my questions for him. Very grateful for his assertion. I’m sure you too will appreciate it as well.


1. I hear you’ve been around for a while. When was Burning Dogma Records founded? What mission encouraged you to start Burning Dogma Records?

“The label has been around since the early 2000. I used to run a distro before it. It influenced me to start the label. Back in the day CD's sold a lot better. After my first press of REPUDIATION, my label just slowly started taking off and I do it mainly had a hobby now.”


2. Is your passion spread far beyond just Texas Death Metal?

“Most of my releases are not even from Texas. I prefer putting out re-releases or compilations with older music. Sometimes I may do a split CD as I did with the TXDM split. We have another 4-way TXDM split in the works, and we have the Crucifix-Barriers coming out on vinyl. For sure I plan to spread my releases beyond Texas. Texas is just a small part of the music scene.”


3. So much of metal has evolved into sub-genres ranging from black, to blackened, to brutal, to grind, to progressive, and so on. I say the more, the merrier. What are your feelings on today’s metal evolution?

“I personally don't care about all the sub-genres. All of these sub-genres have more band members then they do fans. I stick with pretty much death metal, brutal death metal and grindcore. Black Metal is the worst music ever, so I avoid that. If someone likes it though then they should listen to it. Most of these newer bands just plagiarize old bands. I don’t see hardly any originality at all coming out of these newer bands or any of these sub-genres. I find most of them to be a waste of time.”


4. What would you say has changed within the Texas Death Metal community since you first started the distro?

“Well, the support has changed a lot. I find the Texas scene to be pretty divided which it uses to not be so much. Getting people to shows now seems to be a bit more difficult. Back in the 90's you could almost always be sure over 100 people would be at local shows. Now I've counted as little as 3 people attending local shows. Merchandise is much harder to sell than it used to be. The mosh pits are usually rather weak. Some of the newer bands can also be a bit hard to work with or egotistical. One band actually asked me for a payout on a free show knowing they don't draw anyone. The new generation is definitely confused on how things work.”


5. If you could have any band back from then, which would it be?

“The old DEVOURMENT when they had Wayne Knupp on vocals, the band was just so much better back then.”


6. Who are your favorite modern bands within the Texas Metal community?

“I of course like SEVERANCE as they are the first TXDM band and still write some of the better music to come out of the state. EMPTY SHELL is a good one along with TYRANNICAL DECEPTION, ASPHYXIATION INFECTA, CORPSE PILE, ASTYANAX, DEMONSEED and there are others. Texas has no shortage of bands.”


7. Where do you see TXDM 20 years from now?

“I see it in the same place. A bunch of young bands fighting to get attention. I highly doubt the music will be any better. It'll more than likely be as it is now, just a band of younger guys trying to sound like other bands.”


8. What were your true intentions when you started putting on free shows for the community and the bands?

“We've put on Free shows in the past before. They are a lot funnier to go to and the atmosphere is much better. I get tired of going to these local shows that have anywhere from 2-10 people who pay to get in the door and then sit outside and talk all night. These local shows have been weak and all-around boring to the point where they are not even worth the gas money to go to. The venues spend more money on electricity than they make from the shows plus they have to pay their employees. The bands don't even seem like they want to play most of them. No one hardly ever seems to sell much merch. It gets old seeing it over and over. I myself don’t even waste my time going to Dallas for shows anymore because it’s gotten too expensive and most the shows are just weak. So, the free shows fixed that issue. People actually show up, the bands sell merch and play in front of an actual crowd. The club itself makes good money from the bar. It all around works pretty well.”


9. Any words of encouragement for us?

“Keep up the work and the support. Support the metal you like. Thank you for your time.”


Thank you Ricky!

Ricky Lockett, Burning Dogma Records since 2000.

More FREE show date details coming soon for April 6th, July 6th, &. December 7th of 2024.

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