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There’s this project band that intends to pay homage to old school and Death metal in Florida. First EP The Crossing was released in 2021 by Rami DA aka Titan Okeanos in charge of all instruments and voice, except for the drums that was executed by Kevin Paradis. SPREAD THE SHADOWS lies beneath a somber mantle followed by quite an audience that appreciates music from the soul.  Titan Okeanos takes us back to the very beginning of his metal addiction: “… I started the project SPREAD THE SHADOWS in Miami, Florida by the end of 2019. STS is me on guitars, bass, and vocals and Kevin Paradis on drums. I contacted Kevin around November 2019 and sent him the demos of the first songs. He recorded the first single "The Crossing" right away, and everything took off from there. I don’t have any band members, so all the talking happened in my head. I just decided to release some of my music, and once that first single went out, everything else started to find its way by itself. I recently released another single, "A Giant’s Dream," and if I had to say something about it, I would say that song is the perfect example of what STS is all about…”


Whenever someone starts a musical project there are hidden concerns, past experiences, book revelations, or historic moments worth sharing that might serve as a perfect way of channeling the message. Let’s go deep into Titan Okeanos’ vision when creating SPREAD THE SHADOWS: “… I'm a big fan of Greek mythology, and I'm not talking about this generation or wave of bands out of Greece playing what they call Hellenic metal or whatever. I'm talking about a 12-year-old boy reading The Iliad simply because he felt a connection when he read about Gods walking through men deciding and interacting with them. I was really impressed! All my lyrics are inspired by personal experiences and the way I see life and what we go through. I use mythology as symbolism to connect the listener with our old traditions, but there's no dogma or anything like that behind it. Just me and my passion for old religious beliefs and theories. Honestly, I don't care what people do or what they want to spread. That's their life, but I personally think shitty people should face darkness face to face at least once in their lives to realize they're not as bad and evil as they think they are…”

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I am sure you will be listening more about this project next year. I know from firsthand that more songs are being written as you read these lines. The Shadows are spreading slowly but steadily and every day the sky becomes darker in Florida. Scriptorium Magazine proudly recommends you go to their Bandcamp page and pay them a visit. There’s a lot of music and merch to grab: “… I've been working a lot lately and I'm saving to finish recording the rest of the songs and get them out there. No other genre would let me scream and play as loudly and heavily as I do. I feel this music in my bones, and I still get goosebumps when I listen to a part I really like. If you feel the same way, then my job is done. My dreams are happening already. I can finally release my music for everyone who wants to hear it, and I hope one day I can keep writing and recording it. I am planning to work really hard, hit the studio, and finish the rest of the songs. I know SPREAD THE SHADOWS is a project and I only have a couple of songs out, but I want to let the people that support me know that every comment, every piece of merchandise you buy, and everything else you do for the project means the world to me. That includes you guys at SCRIPTORIUM. Thank you! Rami (Titan Okeanos) …” 

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