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This is an unknown band for many metalheads, but from the very first moment I was introduced to it, I could tell that there were different elements in the music that stood out from the black flock. “… KRYOPHILIA is a melodic black metal band with members living in countries like Argentina and USA. We formed in April 2022 and unleashed a demo so far “Reptile Gods”. The current line-up is Juan Jose Rodriguez (vocals, lyrics, programmed bass, and keyboards) and Roberto Caron as the main composer, guitars, and programmed drums). The songs were created while Juan was in Argentina and me (Roberto) in the USA. Our demo talks about the Skull and Bones sect, a topic that we found interesting and did not hesitate to include. In our case, we decided to address this issue because we repudiate certain groups that pretend to take the reins of our days. It's just one more grain of sand in the battle...”


It's really impressive that these raw interpretations are coming from South America, especially Argentina. Although many musicians have confirmed that you can find the best metal audience in Argentina, it will always be very intriguing and fascinating to discover new bands from that side of the world. That’s why let’s pay close attention when referring to their scene. “… Black metal in Argentina is a very underground style, our most popular bands in Latin America and in the world, are not of this style. Of course, they are very good, only that they are on the side of the road. It may be due to lack of support for the style, or in some cases, the same bands decide to continue in that underground world…”


They continue talking about metal in Argentina. “…Metal in Argentina and as in all countries, has its followers. Many foreign bands come to Argentina, but due to the devaluation of our currency and the economic situation, it is difficult for everyone to enjoy an international show. But I must be honest and say that more bands from other styles than black metal come to Argentina. Honestly, both Juan and I were born in a small town where heavy metal is not so popular, nor is black metal. I think that was one of the reasons that we formed KRYOPHILIA, along with the desire to make music. It would be very nice if there were more venues to perform, and in good conditions, of course…”

This two-piece band is very new in the scene but has interesting ideas and approaches to this particular music. Time and hard work will tell the story. You can listen to the whole demo down below, but first, let’s get to know what they are currently working on and what is coming ahead. “… At the moment, we are making our music known, enjoying it, and sharing it with friends, as music is concerned. I like people to enjoy what we do without worrying about what they will say, and without bothering anyone. We only have a life bro, so you are free to do what makes you happy. For now, we don't think about the upcoming months, but as soon as we know it, we're sharing it. If you are reading this is because you are passionate about music, encourage yourself to create music as you want and with what you have. More than one will be happy!”

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