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DEATHBLOW is a band with attitude, something that is missed these days. They have been on the road for eleven years and have two albums under the belt. They are about to release an EP and tour over various cities in Texas. If you like bands into fast and punky Thrash metal, you can’t miss the new recording Rotten Trajectory and the upcoming shows. We had the chance to chat with Holton Grossl “Holger” (guitar and vocals) and the results read as follows.

What inspired you to learn music and form a band like yours in Salt Lake City. What can’t we miss from your city’s hidden metal talents? “… Honestly, being in Punk bands growing up started us on the right path. Both me (Holger) and Rob grew up in Logan, a small town in northern Utah that boasted about its famous Mormon temple and exceptionally large police force. To keep ourselves sane we would take any chance to get together with friends and make loud aggressive music. Once we discovered Reign in Blood by SLAYER though it was all over. We had a new path to go down…”


Have you had time to promote the previous album, it came out right with the Pandemic in 2020. What can you tell us about the way it was received? “… The reception was good. We received great reviews from fans, blogs, and peers! I feel like we didn't get the kind of exposure we were hoping for. Although it was well rated it still flew well under the radar…”


There’s a new EP ready to be released this month. Why release it as an EP and not as another full album? “… Our plan was originally to have a new album by the end of the year. As usual though it's always a much harder and longer process to get everything lined up. We didn't want to rush that process, but we have about 7 new songs ready to go. With a tour coming up we thought it would be wise to go into the studio and show fans what we've been working on. That's how this EP was born…”


I feel this new EP is more hardcore punk-oriented, but still the Thrash base is present? How are you guys approaching your music nowadays and for the future? “… After the last album we re-assessed our discography and felt like our songs were just getting longer and more complicated. We decided for us as well as our audience it would be exciting to make some shorter, catchier Punk inspired Thrash metal songs. It's been a breath of fresh air for us to trim out the filler and over technical parts for our new material and just get straight to the point…”


What is it that you despise the most in society or at the times you are destined to live? “… I mean, the gradual degradation of our planet is and should be pretty nerve racking to anybody with half a brain. It's sad we've built a way of life in this society that is so reliant on constant growth and fossil fuel expansion that we can't even look at the future without feeling queasy. And it's not like people are living fuller, happier lives because of it either. Generally, people feel more cynical and desperate than previous generations. Although we're living in an age with advanced knowledge and technology our trajectory often looks grim and many of us feel powerless to change it. Not to be a negative Nancy. The good news is there is still beer and Heavy metal to ease our woes. Even in a dystopian future I don't see those things disappearing…”


How does the band feel about opening for all-time favorite BRUJERIA this November 29th in your city? Are you guys preparing anything special? “… It's an honor! We were definitely surprised to be asked to open for the legendary BRUJERIA but hoped for the opportunity! There is a large Hispanic metal community in Salt Lake City many of whom are BRUJERIA fans. So, we're expecting a huge turnout! We'll be working on a special slimmed down set for night to showcase what we feel like is our strongest material…”


We will have the bands touring over Texan lands soon. Could you comment more about this tour? “… It's been almost six years since DEATHBLOW has passed through the Texas wastelands. Last time was with our boys in WITCHAVEN from LA. I remember scraping by as their van broke down and eventually completely died near the end of the tour. This time we've got a fresh van and some killer stage props that will give some extra juice to our live shows! We've grown a lot as a live band since then and look forward to laying waste to every Buc ee's in our path! …”


What does the band have in mind for the future, a new album in 2024? State some words for the Texan metalheads who will attend your shows in our Lone Star State. “… Absolutely! Like I've said we've got a handful of new songs under our belt as well as a ton of scraps we're piecing together. Look out for 2024! You don't want to miss the DEATHBLOW! If you're into old school, fast, Thrash metal you better not miss out! You'd also better clutch those lone stars tight because we're a thirsty bunch!

By Alex Sanchez


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